Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 871

Chapter 871 Plotting Against You Was Just To Climb Up The Ranks

Chapter 871 Plotting Against You Was Just to Climb Up the Ranks

Their clothes fell into a messy pile.

"Oh painful"

"Lets make the storm more violent, shall we?"

Si Han had no sympathy for her at all. Seeing that shed taken the initiative to be tortured, he no longer had any concerns.

Under the hazy moonlight, the Maybach with excellent stability was trembling fiercely. It could be seen how passionate the situation inside the car was.

This night was still long.

The next morning, when the sun shone on his face, Fu Ya was already awake.

She wrapped herself in a towel and stepped on the carpet barefooted. She slowly walked into the bathroom.

Si Han leaned against the head of the bed lazily. His naked upper body had traces of Fu Yas scratches, and it was extremely ambiguous.

Not too long later, Fu Ya walked out.

Si Han didnt even bat an eyelid. He was so calm that he didnt look like the man who wildly wanted more yesterday night.

"Tell me. What do you want?"

Fu Ya had already achieved her goal. She couldnt be bothered to be seductive again. She sat on the sofa, picked up a box of cigarettes on the table, pulled out a cigarette, and held it in her mouth without igniting it.

"Youre right. Im the same as those women who have dreamed about hugging your thigh. Plotting against you was just to climb up the ranks."

The only difference was that she had succeeded.

Si Han snorted lightly. He dug out an empty check from his wallet, folded it into a paper airplane, and threw it toward Fu Ya with a swoosh.

The paper airplane plunged into her deep cleavage.

"The upper limit is ten million dollars. Thats enough for you to get a new layer of film a thousand times over."

Fu Ya picked it up and shredded the check slowly. "Does the big manager not want to take responsibility?"

"I wont hit myself in the face a second time. You can forget about anything else."

He mentioned before that he would only bring Lin Xiao up as an artiste.


After understanding the meaning behind his words, Fu Ya laughed. After that, the laughter grew louder and became more uninhibited.

"Haha, are you kidding me? Indeed, Ive slept with you to climb up the ranks, but not every woman desire for you to bring them up, ok? As long as you provide me resources, Ill help you earn money. Its a win-win situation for both of us."

Was he being despised?

Si Hans status was well-known in the entertainment circle. Even if the person was an easily-detestable piece of grass, he could turn her into a highly-sought-after peony.

"I accept only a one-time buyout."

Fu Ya lit up the cigarette in her mouth and took a couple of puffs. She walked to the bed and stuffed the cigarette in his mouth.

"We are both sluts. Lets be open-minded about this. As long as I get what I want, Ill never use this matter to threaten you. Believe me, in my heart, youre not that popular."

The last sentence was filled with ridicule.

Si Han brushed away the fringe in front of his forehead and blew out a mouthful of smoke. His eyes became dim. "Slut? So you do know your place well."

"Of course. If not, do you think you can sleep with me?" Fu Ya pulled back the topic without changing her expression. "To express my sincerity, I can let you take a nude photo of me so that you can have something of me in your hands. How about that? I dont think anyone except me can offer that."

After saying this, she removed the towel around her body.

"Tell me. What do you want?"

The story turned quickly, and Si Han couldnt help but twitch his lips. "This is the same as how you operate."


"Thanks for the compliment."

Fu Ya placed her hands on the side of Si Hans body. She didnt care that her body was exposed.

"Are you willing to make a deal with me now?"

Si Han didnt believe that the reason this woman seduced him was only to climb up the ranks. Her eyes were full of secrets.

Yanking her wrist, Si Han threw her onto the bed and covered her body with his.