Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 872

Chapter 872 Walking Away Gracefully

Chapter 872 Walking Away Gracefully

"You tricked me and even dare to want to work for me. Indeed, youre not afraid of death. Want to be famous? Then that depends on your ability!"

He didnt mind playing a game of cat-and-mouse with a presumptuous woman.

Lets see who in the end would be playing who to his or her death!

Both of them looked at each other, igniting sparks.

Si Han could still remember how charming she was when she was writhing under him.

Sensing his eagerness to take action, Fu Ya smiled. "Dont look at me like that. I would think youre already in love with me."

The desire was gone immediately. Si Han looked at her. He didnt hide the disgust in his eyes and got off the bed.

Fu Ya smiled and watched him put on his clothes.

Even if she was a publicist with a clear price tag, there was no reason for her to serve men for free.

When she was finding out more about Si Han, she had already come to know how inhumane this man was.

He was cold and arrogant. Perhaps other than Lin Xiao and Lin Wanwan, he would think nothing of anyone else.

Si Han buttoned the last button on his shirt and threw over a name card. "Go back and wait for news from me."

The black and gold name card had only his name and a mobile number.

Fu Ya stored away the name card and put on her clothes. After that, she opened her handbag and started to put on makeup.

Si Han, who was sitting on the bed and smoking a cigarette, looked at her. "Putting on such heavy makeup? Rushing to pick up another customer?"

These words were entirely meant to shame.

Fu Ya threw him a wink, looking beautiful. "If I dont put on heavier makeup, how can I seduce high-quality men like yourself? If not for this makeup, how could I have seduced a big manager who doesnt lust after women?"

Upon him hearing this, Si Hans handsome face darkened.

Regardless, it was the truth that he was tricked.

"Youre the most shameless woman Ive ever met."

"Youre the best man Ive ever met."

Fu Ya had the most beautiful and feminine appearance. However, she wore a thick armor on her heart.

After using eyeliner, she closed her bag and walked out amorously. Then, she returned.

"Im Fu Ya. After all, we have slept together. Dont forget my name."

"Get lost."

How heartless.

However, regardless of which way one analyzed it, Si Han had the right to be arrogant.

Fu Ya thought for a while and felt a sense of accomplishment. So many women wanted to climb onto Si Hans bed but only she had succeeded.


She walked away gracefully without any hesitation.

After the busy movie publicity period, Lin Wanwan was prepared to receive new scripts.

Si Han threw her a script. Lin Wanwan browsed through the contents and was satisfied.

After their official business was finished, Lin Wanwan was about to leave when Si Han called her.

"Do you still remember that woman who kissed me that day?"

"Yes. Shes called Fu Ya."

Lin Wanwan knew her?

Countless thoughts appeared in Si Hans mind. "When the time comes, she would play the villain in this movie."

Lin Wanwan was shocked. She leaned closer to Si Han but couldnt read any emotions from his lazy-looking face.

Before she could ask what was going on, Si Han had already provided the answer. "This is the price I had to pay for that kiss."

Anyway, this matter couldnt be hidden from the world. Compared to Lin Wanwans random speculation, it was better to come out clean now.

Lin Wanwan was stunned and asked, as if deep in thought, "She doesnt want money?"


Lin Wanwan suddenly smelled a trace of conspiracy.

If she thought about it from another perspective, if Fu Ya had found out in advance that Si Han was going to be at Jin Tong Que, did her appearance mean that it was her plan to wait for gains without pains?

She didnt want money. It looked like she was trying to make use of Si Han to gain a foothold in the entertainment circle.