Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 873

Chapter 873 Lu Zhanbei Ive Suddenly Realized You Have A Strong Desire To Live

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"Si Dada, youre getting more popular now. However, a woman who is more beautiful would also be more toxic. She cant be compared to Baoers innocence and cuteness. Dont sink deeper for her. Do you need me to help take care of her?"

Si Han thought of how Fu Ya had taken the initiative to ask him to take nude photos of her and said, "Shes pretty capable and doesnt need anyone to take care of her."

Seeing his cold sneer, Lin Wanwan was deep in thought.

Why were these words said in a tone full of gunpowder?

She felt that something else seemed to have happened between Si Dada and that Fu Ya.

After that, Lin Wanwan drove to Global Building. She sat on Lu Zhanbeis office table and shook her calves, sharing Si Hans gossip with him.

At this moment, a series of knocks was heard.

"Come in."

Feng Xiaowei, who walked in with a document, saw that Lin Wanwan was sitting on the office table without following the rules. Her face sank.

Lin Wanwan sensed her hostility and immediately started to act like a spoiled child.

"Lu Zhanbei, the tables too hard. My legs hurt."

"Ok. So?"

"I want to change it for a softer seat."

Lin Wanwan sat directly in his arms. Like an evil concubine, she asked hypocritically, "I shouldnt be affecting you, right?"

"You have overestimated your appeal."

Pooh. This man really didnt understand her.

Lin Wanwan looked at Feng Xiaowei from the corner of her eye. She took advantage of the situation and hugged Lu Zhanbeis neck. "Are you happy I came here to see you?"

"I was quite happy initially. Now, my mood has worsened."

Lin Wanwan really wanted to bite this person to death!

She leaned over and landed a kiss on his cheek.

"What about now?"

"Thats alright, I guess."

Lu Zhanbei understood clearly what her intentions were. He said to Feng Xiaowei, who stood rooted at the original spot, "Put down the document."

Feng Xiaowei put down the document on the table and was unwilling to leave just like that. She smiled elegantly and said, "CEO Lu, its Madams fiftieth birthday in two months. Based on her character, she wouldnt be throwing a huge party. You would personally celebrate with her then, right?"

Lin Wanwans eyes moved. Lu Zhanbeis mother?


"Speaking of that, I havent seen Madam in quite some time. My deepest impression of her was that she likes good-natured girls. I even especially invited an etiquette teacher back then to teach me as I was afraid I would make some undignified moves to make her feel Im someone frivolous.’"

Pointing at one but abusing another.

Lin Wanwan, who was sitting on Lu Zhanbeis thigh, blinked.

Obviously, Feng Xiaowei was criticizing her and secretly revealing the fact that Madam Lu would definitely not like her.

Indeed, she was an international daughter from a prestigious family. She had brilliant speaking skills.

Lu Zhanbei circled Lin Wanwans waist with one hand and signed the document with the other.

"I believe she would prefer the girl Ive personally selected."

A trace of embarrassment flashed past Feng Xiaoweis eyes. She stood rooted for a while. Seeing that Lu Zhanbei never looked at her in the eye at all, she forced out a smile.

"CEO Lu, Ill take my leave first."

"" It was as if Lu Zhanbei didnt hear her.

Feng Xiaowei clenched her fists and subconsciously looked at Lin Wanwan.

She was tilting her head and looking at the billion-dollar contract with curiosity.

Due to her posture, she seemed a little tired.

Lu Zhanbei simply held her within his arms and moved the document down so that she could see it more clearly.

This scene pierced Feng Xiaoweis eyes.

After a while, Lin Wanwan sat up straight after hearing the sound of the door closing. She teased, "Lu Zhanbei, Ive suddenly realized you have a strong desire to live."