Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 874

Chapter 874 Being Beautiful Meant That She Had A Messy Private Life?

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"Eh? What do you mean?"

"It means you are reliable at critical times."

Lu Zhanbei laughed. "Why didnt you live and let live this time around?"

Lin Wanwan pouted. He still remembered this.

"How can I do that? The next time I go and seduce her man, will she be able to let me off?"

As they teased each other, time flew past very quickly.

Lin Wanwan had an audition in the afternoon. Not too long later, she left.

Thinking of Feng Xiaoweis words, she felt somewhat restless.

They had settled matters with a certain Lu Zhengyu not too long ago. Now, theres a future mother-in-law wholl be difficult to handle.

Tang Chen was right. Being Lu Zhanbeis wife was like advancing to different game stages the longer one walked, the more difficult it would be.

The movie Lin Wanwan auditioned for was called "Original Sin." The theme was fantasy.

The female lead was killed by her best friend. She wanted to figure out the whole story; thus, she made a deal with the devil.

She returned to five years ago when the story had started.

After a series of plots, she finally learned the truth.

Shed traveled with her best friend and met two bandits. The best friend came forward to protect her and got her to ask for help.

However, in the process of asking for help, she fell off the hill and went into a coma. This caused the best friend to think that she had abandoned her.

In a moment of despair, she was humiliated and started to bear grudges.

The devil appeared again and gave the female lead a chance to choose.

As long as she killed her best friend, she could survive. If not, she would die.

In the end, the female lead chose to die completely.

The moral of this movie was that forgiveness was harder than hatred.

Lin Wanwan passed the audition smoothly and entered the production team two days later.

As soon as she entered the set, she heard a commotion.

"Has water entered the directors brain? He actually gave such an important role to a newbie. She looks so bewitching. One look at her and its clear shes a slutty vixen who doesnt know her place."

"It seems like she was forced into this by the investor. The director couldnt reject her."

"I dare say that she has something going on with that investor!"

All the ones who spoke were women. They said these words loudly, as if intentionally wanting the party in question to hear them.

Others didnt know, but Lin Wanwan knew clearly that Si Han was an investor. She looked around and saw Fu Ya.

She was sitting lazily on a bench under a big tree. As she held her chin with one hand, she held the script with the other. She didnt need to do anything to look charming.

Lin Wanwans appearance attracted everyones attention.

"Wanwan, the weathers hot. Take a seat quickly and drink something!"

"Ball, Ive been waiting for you. Im the makeup artist in the team. I want to touch your face later!"

Everyone no longer felt disdain toward Fu Ya. Instead, they surrounded Lin Wanwan and smiled passionately.

Lin Wanwan couldnt help but think back on the time when she had just entered the entertainment circle. It was a far cry now compared to how these people acted back then.

This was society.

The actress who played the third female lead was Chu Mingmo. She had been in the entertainment circle for many years but still hadnt managed to play the female lead role.

Before entering the team, she had been repeatedly told by her manager to build up a good relationship with Lin Wanwan.

Seeing that Lin Wanwan was staring in the direction of Fu Ya, she leaned over and whispered, "Wanwan, this woman is too detestable. Look at how she looks. Its hard to tell how many men she had received on the bed!"

Lin Wanwan had to give it to her regarding her thought process. Being beautiful meant that she had a messy private life?

Chu Mingmo felt indignant.

Forget about Lin Wanwan, who had already reached the status of a Grade A actress. She was too different from her and, thus, could only look at her with envy.

This woman named Fu Ya, who was she to suppress her?!