Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 875

Chapter 875 The Slutiness Of A Vixen

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"Our movie investor must be a lecher. He just had to let this kind of woman enter our production team. Thats really polluting the air!"

Lin Wanwan wasnt happy anymore.

It was alright for Chu Mingmo to pick on Fu Ya. However, she actually said Si Dada

"Ms. Chu, this is for you."

Chu Mingmo received the branded mouthwash she handed over. There was a surprised expression on her face.

Did this mean that Lin Wanwan was going to befriend her?

However, the next moment, Lin Wanwans words broke her illusion.

"Ms. Chus mouth is too foul. You need to rinse it."

Chu Mingmo felt that she was being slapped and she flushed red.


Fu Ya, who had been paying attention to this situation, laughed. She nearly took away all the souls of the men present.

Chu Mingmo glared at her fiercely. However, it seemed that Fu Ya didnt understand what overdoing things meant. After she finished laughing, she walked over and greeted Lin Wanwan.

"Hi. We meet again."

"Its quieter here. Would you mind if I sit down?"

"Sure. As long as you dont mind that theres a smell here."

"What smell is that? I dont smell it, though?" Lin Wanwan breathed in.

"The sluttiness of a vixen."

"" Lin Wanwan looked at her casually smiling face and was shocked.

It was rare to meet a woman who had such strong psychological qualities.

"I only smell a fragrance."

Fu Ya looked at her and raised her eyebrow. "Its a pity youre not a man. If not, Ill definitely let you smell it to your fill."

Fu Ya smiled charmingly. However, the image of her feeding strays appeared in Lin Wanwans mind.

This image also led her not to have a bad impression of this woman despite the incident with Baoer.

However, it was highly likely that Fu Ya approached Si Han for intentions that werent pure. She needed to observe her for a while.

Not too long later, the director announced the start of filming. The first scene was between Lin Wanwan and Fu Ya.

Everyone gathered around, planning to watch the excitement.

Lin Wanwans acting skills were the best among the starlets. Whether it was with Luo Han or with a veteran, she had never been suppressed before.

However, even if everyone didnt know about Fu Yas background, they felt that she was just an inexperienced newbie.

Coupled with the sensitive identity of her being included in the production team because of the investor, they only treated her as a bimbo who wanted to rely on her looks to become a celebrity.

The women who saw Chu Mingmo as their leader looked at Fu Ya, who was standing at the number one camera position, and laughed coldly.


With the directors order, Lin Wanwan got into character immediately.

Bai Jiu returned home after work and heard a conversation in the bedroom.

"Linger, Ill break up with Bai Jiu tomorrow. Lets be together, shall we?"

"Ok. However, its pretty exciting to be meeting on the sly."

The couple conversing was the boyfriend Bai Jiu just got engaged to not too long ago and the close girlfriend she had known for ten years.

Bai Jius lips curved into a sarcastic smile.

She didnt push open the door. She took the original route back. When she walked to the stairs, there was a sharp pain in her heart and she dropped her handbag. The bottle that contained her medicine rolled out.

She reached out to pick it up. Zheng Linger appeared and stepped on the medicine bottle. She smiled like a blooming flower.

"You cant do that."

"Give me the medicine"

Bai Jiu fell to the ground and tried to crawl toward Zheng Linger.

Zheng Linger only watched coldly as the hand that was grabbing her pants gradually loosened its grip. She had stopped breathing.

She crouched down and looked at Bai Jiu, who didnt die in peace. She smiled.

What kind of smile was this?

It was cold and venomous, like that of a ghost who had crawled out of hell looking for vengeance. It made people feel cold all over.

"Xiao Jiu, you have paid off what you owed me five years ago."