Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 876

Chapter 876 Unforgettable Hatred

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The first scene ended.

The entire set was silent.

After a long while, the director recovered himself and shouted agitatedly, "Cut!" He looked at Fu Ya. "Fu Ya, your acting skills are great!"

There wasnt anything to say regarding Lin Wanwans acting skills as everyone knew what she was capable of and, thus, found it to be a matter of fact.

As for Fu Yas performance, it could be completely described with the word "surprise."

"" Chu Mingmos face seemed to have been splashed with ink.

Lin Wanwan looked at Fu Ya in shock. Her acting skills just now were in no way inferior to hers.

Sensing the gazes, Fu Ya shrugged her shoulders. "No need to find it strange. Im just acting in my own skin."

Not only was she portraying a vixen, but there was also

Unforgettable hatred!

Fu Ya didnt have any scenes after that. She sat at a corner to memorize her script. Occasionally, when Lin Wanwan had some scenes, she would observe her carefully.

She knew clearly how much she was worth.

As a person with no acting background and a newbie who had never acted before, her acting skills were really unpresentable.

After watching for an afternoon, Fu Ya went to the washroom.

As she was washing her hands, she suddenly heard footsteps in high heels behind her.

Chu Mingmo walked over slowly. She looked vixen-like, belonging to the same category as Fu Ya.

However, when the two of them stood together, it was like a battle between an elementary school student and a post-doctorate student. It was incomparable.

Chu Mingmo couldnt wait to rip off her face. She said sarcastically, "A dead rat fell into a blind cats clutches thats sheer luck, isnt it?"

These words hit the nail on the head.

Fu Ya admitted it in her heart and smiled. She said, "Some people are naturally smart and can get through very quickly without learning. For example, me. Some people can only play a supporting role despite having been in the entertainment circle for a lifetime. For example, you."

Chu Mingmo gritted her teeth and looked unkind. "Fu Ya, is this your attitude toward seniors?"

"Sorry, only those who are better than me are qualified to be my senior. Youre not worthy."

Chu Mingmo exploded. "Youre just a newbie who just entered the industry. Dont you know that I can strangle you to death any minute? Tell me, then, in what aspect can I not be compared to you?"

"What was it?"

Fu Ya walked over. Even though she had a beautiful face, her aura was so strong that Chu Mingmo retreated until her back hit the wall.

"Fu Ya, what do you want to do?!" she shouted, appearing to be tough on the outside when she was weak on the inside.

Fu Ya smiled. "You have silicon in your breasts."

She pushed up her C-cup breasts. "These are natural."

Chu Mingmos face darkened. She was furious.

Fu Ya touched her face again and said, "You have had an operation on your eyelids and had your breasts filled up with silicon. You have trimmed your bones and padded your nose. Chu Mingmo, dont you even want your own face?"

Every word was said arrogantly. However, she had such a pretty smile that no one could feel disgust and hatred.

Chu Mingmo could no longer tolerate it. She pushed Fu Ya away fiercely.


The sudden sound of a slap echoed in the quiet corridor.

Chu Mingmo held her face with one hand and looked at Fu Ya incredulously.

"You dared to hit me?"

Fu Ya shook her slightly painful hand. "If I dont hit you, Ill be hit by you. I was just choosing the option thats in my favor."

Chu Mingmo looked ferocious. In that second that Fu Ya had thrown a slap over, she had indeed planned to lay a hand on her.

Fu Ya saw that she looked as if she wanted to tear her apart. Not only was she not afraid, she even lifted her chin.

"Chu Mingmo, be obedient and mind your own business. I wont look for trouble and Im not afraid of getting into trouble. If you infuriate me, Ill dig out the silicon from your breasts and stuff them into your mouth!"