Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 877

Chapter 877 The Opponent Was Too Weak. It Wasnt Exciting Enough

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She kept smiling and it looked charming. However, her eyes were so cold that Chu Mingmo couldnt come up with any thought to retaliate.

Fu Ya released her and walked away.

Even her back was charming, like a vixens.

Chu Mingmo looked gloomy. A newbie actually dared to threaten her!

To deal with such a newbie who didnt know her place, what she had were tons of methods to teach her a lesson!

Fu Ya saw Lin Wanwan at the corner.

"Was it nice?" she asked with a smile.

"The opponent was too weak. It wasnt exciting enough."

Fu Ya yawned and said, "Ill call you again if theres an exciting show next time. Its lunch break now. I should take a beauty nap."

Lin Wanwan saw her leave and had a complicated expression on her face.

If this Fu Ya really had an extraordinary relationship with Si Han, then Baoer was in danger.

Filming passed by very quickly. Lin Wanwan finally understood that Fu Ya wasnt being humble previously.

As the plot progressed to the campus part, the number of times Fu Ya NG-ed made the good-tempered director angry.

"Fu Ya, what is going on with you? Youre not a high school student. You have to be innocent and vague. You even have to have a little sense of justice. Cant you keep away your vixen-like look?"

Innocent and vague. Had to have a little sense of justice

That was her past. A past that shed chosen to throw away.


Fu Ya admitted her mistake obediently, and the directors face softened. He waved his hands. "Go and figure it out first. Wanwan, youre up next. Wash my eyes, and if you act well, Ill treat the entire team to a meal tonight!"

Everyone laughed.

Chu Mingmo walked toward Fu Ya and said sarcastically, "Hah. Looks like I wasnt wrong. It was really sheer luck."

Fu Ya concentrated on reading her script. "Thats still better than someone who doesnt even have anything falling into her clutches."

Chu Mingmo was so angry that she immediately turned pale.

The number of times she NG-ed wasnt fewer than Fu Ya

Lin Wanwans acting skills were as amazing as ever. The director kept his promise and treated the entire team to a meal.

After the gathering, Lin Wanwan returned to Yun Mansion.

In the dark bedroom, Lu Zhanbeis even breathing could be heard.

Lin Wanwan carefully walked to the front of the bed. Then, she pounced fiercely and shouted loudly.


Lu Zhanbei, who had woken up once she pushed open the door, said coldly, "Do you have to be so childish?"

"Hehe, I knew it. You werent sleeping."

Lu Zhanbei switched on the lights. Seeing that Lin Wanwan was flushed red, he frowned. "How much did you drink?"

"Not a lot. Just three cups."

Without a trustworthy person by her side, of course Lin Wanwan didnt dare to get drunk.

She rolled into Lu Zhanbeis arms, blinked her eyes, and looked at him, full of cuteness.

"Mr. Lu, I have a favor to ask you."

"Say it."

Lin Wanwan sized him up with beady eyes. "Hand your body over to me."

Lu Zhanbeis eyes darkened. "You want to have sex with me after getting drunk?"

"Yes. Dont you want to?"

"No. Im not interested in sleeping with a drunk. You stink. Go and take a shower."

Lin Wanwan pouted unhappily. "Wait for it. Ill immediately make you wish that we were having sex."

She climbed onto Lu Zhanbeis body and used her hot lips to kiss his chin.

Lu Zhanbei let her be. He was not disturbed with a woman in his lap. He didnt reject her, but neither did he respond.

Lin Wanwan rubbed his chest with hands that didnt know their places. Through a layer of clothing, she touched the small bulges.

She scratched them lightly

Lu Zhanbeis breathing immediately became heavier.

Lin Wanwan could sense his eagerness to take action. She was about to climb down from his body when a voice suddenly sounded.

"Based on these skills, you want to seduce me? You wont be able to do so even after a thousand years."