Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 878

Chapter 878 Who Exactly Was She?

Chapter 878: Who Exactly Was She?
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Lin Wanwan was furious. He had to pay the price for belittling her!
Unwilling to admit defeat, she started to attack Lu Zhanbeis throat. Although he had a look of disdain, he raised his head cooperatively and his eyes deepened.
The method of provocation was very useful.
Her awkward movements ignited sparks in him. Lu Zhanbei enjoyed her taking the initiative, and a thin layer of sweat appeared on his slender forehead.
Just when he decided to reverse their roles, the woman who was biting his collarbone suddenly tilted her head, leaned on his shoulder, and fell asleep.
Coupled with a whole day of filming and a few glasses of wine, she was exhausted.
Furthermore, no matter how she flirted, Lu Zhanbei didnt seem to have any response. She should give up.
Lu Zhanbei was speechless. ""
He was already on the point of no return and now he had to keep it down. He was now also in the mood to strangle Lin Wanwan to death.
Staring at her sleeping face, he gritted his teeth. In the end, he could only flick her forehead.
It was a light action.
"Little asshole."

Lin Wanwan filmed overseas for a week. When she returned to the Imperial Capital, she obtained two days of leave.
One day was spent in school, and today, Lu Zhanbei said he wanted to take her out for a meal.
The car was driving on a secluded road. The roadside scenery became more desolate.
Lin Wanwan glanced out of the window. "Where are we going?"
"You will know soon."
Half an hour later, the car stopped in front of a manor.
The place wasnt big, but it was engulfed in green hills and blue waters. The surroundings were elegant.
A signboard was hung on the vermilion gate. The three words on it reflected a bright luster under the sunshine.
"Little Bridge People"
Lu Zhanbei pulled Lin Wanwan off the car. He knocked on the door knocker thrice.
As the door opened, a young girl in a red cheongsam smiled and asked, "Is this Mr. Lu?"
"Please enter. Auntie Ai has already been waiting for a long time."
After passing by the quaint courtyard and a wooden corridor, they came to the reserved room.
The reserved room had antiques as decorations. A huge beautiful screen divided the room in half. One half was for resting and the other half was for meals.
"Please have your meal first. Auntie Ai is making some desserts."
When she heard the word "desserts," Lin Wanwans eyes immediately shone.
Both of them sat opposite each other. Lu Zhanbei used the ivory chopsticks to pick up the steamed sea bass. After tasting it carefully, a trace of appreciation appeared on his face.
It was rare for him to reveal such straightforwardness. Lin Wanwans curiosity was immediately aroused, and she picked up a piece of sea bass with her chopsticks.
She was amazed after taking a bite.
"My god! How can this be so delicious?!"
The fish melted in her mouth. What was most rare was that there wasnt any nonsensical condiments used. However, it wasnt fishy at all and had a fresh taste.
This was the best fish she had ever eaten!
Lu Zhanbei smiled lightly. "If you like it, eat more. Not everyone can eat dishes personally prepared by this Auntie Ai."
"Who exactly is this Auntie Ai?"
Lu Zhanbei took a spoonful of the soup and sipped it lightly. "Her ancestors were all royal chefs. She was my mothers personal chef before. Three years ago, she was in charge of the state banquet. The president loved her dishes as well. It was a pity she resigned after the state banquet."
Lin Wanwan was stunned. The main chef in charge of the state banquet?
After a brief shock, she held her chopsticks tight and quickly picked up food. It was as if the autumn wind had swept the leaves. Her actions were ruthless and accurate. She picked up food while eating.
Lu Zhanbei held back his laughter and pretended to say in disdain, "No ones snatching anything from you. Cant you be more demure?"
Lin Wanwans cheeks were bulging. She said vaguely, "What do you know? There probably wont be a good opportunity like this next time. Of course I have to eat more now. Oh right, does she allow takeouts?"