Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 879

Chapter 879 Fortune Favors Fools

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"If you like, you can come by anytime."

Following the sound of the door being pushed, a gentle female voice floated in.

Lin Wanwan, who was busy eating, looked up upon hearing the voice. She saw a woman with soft and beautiful features walking in. There was a form of elegance that had been cultivated over the years, and she seemed to have a magical calming effect.

Lu Zhanbei bowed his head. "Auntie Ai."

Auntie Ai smiled and nodded at him. She turned to look at Lin Wanwan. Seeing that she was holding a pair of chopsticks with one hand and scooping a bowl of soup with the other, she could not help but smile.

"Cough" A certain food lover blushed. She was so embarrassed she wanted to find a hole to drill into.

"Wanwan, out of so many dishes, which is your favorite?"

Hearing her call her name while seeming sincere, Lin Wanwan was stunned. She subconsciously glanced at Lu Zhanbei and had an internal struggle.

"Can I choose only one? Every dish here is so delicious. I really cant select just one."

Auntie Ai didnt put her in a difficult spot and changed the question. "Then, after eating these dishes, how do you feel and what are your comments?"

Lin Wanwan had another internal struggle. After a long while, she answered with a word.


"" Lu Zhanbei looked away as he couldnt bear to look at her.

However, Auntie Ai laughed. "I like this answer."

It was simple and upright. However, it unexpectedly pleased her.

Many people had tried her culinary skills. She would ask similar questions at times.

Those food lovers, including His Excellency the President, wouldnt hesitate with their praises. They said that only those in heaven deserved these dishes and that they were extraordinary treasures. These praises were too exaggerated.

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. This woman can be said to embody "fortune favors fools."

"Since Auntie Ai is so happy, she should give some thank-you gift."

"Youre here for a free meal and still dare to ask me for a thank-you gift?"

"Then welcome gift?"

Auntie Ai rolled her eyes at him helplessly. She placed the light blue box in her hands onto the table and pushed it toward Lin Wanwan.

"I know what you mean. I have long prepared a welcome gift. Zhanbei, after all these years, you havent changed. Youre still not bothering about trifles."

Lu Zhanbei said calmly, "I know youre trying to say Im shameless."

Lin Wanwan raised up her hand weakly. "Ah, may I voice out my opinion?"

"Please go ahead."

Lin Wanwan was no longer shy. "One shouldnt reject gifts from elders. If Auntie Ai really wants to give me a welcome gift, why dont I take these dishes to-go?"

Auntie Ai chuckled.

Lu Zhanbei held his forehead. Did she have to be so embarrassing?

"You should take a look at what this welcome gift is before making a decision."

Lin Wanwan said succinctly, "Theres no need to. In this world, only good food and love wont disappoint. The rest are just floating clouds."

Auntie Ai looked at her with more kindness. "No need to be so troublesome. You can come here anytime in the future. I guarantee you can eat to your fill. As for this welcome gift, do accept it"

Without waiting for her to finish saying her words, Lu Zhanbei suddenly said, "Since she doesnt appreciate it, you should keep it."

Auntie Ai was shocked. Wasnt he here to get this?

"Lin Wanwan, dont regret this in the future."

"I will never regret it~"

No matter how expensive the gift was, it couldnt compare to the palpitation the five senses brought about.

Auntie Ai stuffed the box into Lu Zhanbeis hands. "Then you keep it for her temporarily."

Clap clap clap!

She clapped thrice. The young woman in a cheongsam immediately served a few desserts.

"These are special desserts during the Beiping period. A milk dessert, a sun cake, and some fruit preserves. Madam used to love eating these. Please try them."