Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 88

Chapter 88 What Goes Around Comes Around 1

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“1 2”

“I promise you!”

Ling Cao thought about the call her father had given her previously. He said that her good-for-nothing brother had been beaten up and broke his leg, and there was not enough money for treatment now. She made up her mind!

“Second Miss, you will really give me the money? Are you sure you have it?”

Lin Wanwan pushed over a card. “Here’s a deposit of forty thousand. I’ll give you the rest after the matter’s done.”

Ling Cao received the card and bit her tooth. “What do you want me to do?”

“Follow me.” Lin Wanwan left her seat and Ling Cao hurriedly followed her. She could not help but ask, “Second Miss, are you really”

A fool?

Lin Wanwan half-laughed and looked at her. Although she did not say a word, the aura from her bones made Ling Cao subconsciously stop in her tracks.

“Am I a what?”

“No nothing.”

The two went out of the coffee house in tandem.

In a car not far away, Gu Mo watched the back view of the two and gave a satisfied yawn.

It was done so soon?

That was quite amazing. His efforts of running around yesterday night to look for the female servant’s b*stard brother, who was attempting to trick underage girls, and then breaking his leg were not in vain.

Gu Mo took out his mobile and crafted a short message.

Reporting to Sir: everything is done.

Lin Wanwan rushed to the production team of‘The Palace’and ignored Hai Lan’s gloating expression. She found An Qiao and asked him to help hold a press conference.

An Qiao immediately sent someone to do it.

An hour later, the media people who received the invitations arrived at the open space where ‘The Palace‘ was being produced.

The police and people from the drug rehabilitation center also came along. Even the staff personnel, actors, and actresses from other production teams gathered to witness this scene.

Not long after, the open space was filled with people.

The discussions had started even though Lin Wanwan was not out yet.

“Lin Wanwan said she wanted to explain her side. Could it be that the news of her taking drugs is fake?”

“How is that possible? Those were not composite photos. She must be trying to clear her name!”

“It won’t be that easy. The situation is so bad that even the police have been dispatched. If she can’t give a proper explanation today, she should be locked up in the rehabilitation center to undergo detoxification and her road to stardom should be ruined too.”

“Regardless how much she says today, I will never sympathize with her again!”

The reporters chatted until they were bored. They saw Hai Lan standing at a corner and walked over to interview her. They asked her if Lin Wanwan really took drugs, since they were in the same production team.

“I don’t know.”

Hai Lan flipped her hair and held back her words.

“But since she’s so skinny, and she doesn’t seem to be healthy, maybe”

In other words, she was implying that drugs was the cause of her deteriorating health condition.

At this moment, Lin Wanwan’s faint voice could be heard.

“Sister Hai Lan, even though I’m skinny, I didn’t eat your slimming pills. Why do you have to criticize me behind my back?”

Upon hearing this, everyone came to attention. The main character was finally out!

Lin Wanwan, who was wearing a long dress, appeared from the right side of the passageway.

“Lin Wanwan taking drugs has impacted the society very negatively. She must get out of the entertainment circle!”

It was unknown who shouted this, but it attracted countless respondents.

Lin Wanwan looked at this group of people, who just blindly followed without thinking, and criticized them slightly in her heart. However, her face revealed a sweet and innocent smile.

“Everyone, listen to me. Firstly, the photos on the Internet are not fake. They are indeed me.”

Although the words were said slowly and her voice was not loud, they clearly reached the ears of everyone.

There was a commotion below the stage. Everyone did not expect that she would admit to it in such a forthcoming manner. Had her team been absent-minded when they arranged the script?