Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 880

Chapter 880 Is Mr. Lu Thinking About His Last Words?

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Lin Wanwan picked up the sun cake and took a bite.

It was still that intuitive feeling. Delicious!

Lin Wanwan had never been so satisfied with a meal before. She unknowingly became full.

On the way back, Lin Wanwan leaned lazily against the passenger seat and patted her round tummy.

"Lu Zhanbei, you seem to be in a good relationship with that Auntie Ai, eh?"

She could tell that Lu Zhanbei really treated Auntie Ai as a respected elder.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the road ahead and said calmly, "Before I turned five, Auntie Ai had been taking care of me. Not only was she my mothers chef, but she was also a servant who had served her since the age of seven. They were as close as sisters but fell out after that."

Lin Wanwan could not help but gossip. "Why?"

"Auntie Ai didnt agree with the way she brought up children."

"Auntie Ais right."

From looking at Fu Zhinian, she could tell how much of a failure his parents had been in bringing up children.

Lin Wanwan changed the topic. "Return Auntie Ais welcome gift to me."

"Didnt you not want it?"

"I want it again now."

"Hah. Im not giving it to you."

Lin Wanwan snorted coldly and was about to snatch the gift back when, suddenly, Lu Zhanbeis face changed. He pressed down her head hard!


A bullet passed through the half-open window and brushed past their heads.

At this time, another gunshot sounded. The bullet hit one side of the tire.

The car swung left and right, as if drunk. Thankfully, Lu Zhanbei stepped on the brakes quickly.


The tires rubbed against the ground and produced an ear-piercing screech, destroying the silence.

"Lin Wanwan, get off the car! Make sure to stay hidden and protect yourself well!"

After saying this, Lu Zhanbei pushed open the car door immediately. The other party might be carrying heavy weapons of great lethality. If a cannonball was fired while she was hiding in the car, there would be no chance of escaping.

Lin Wanwan jumped off the car and quickly hid behind the birch trees on the side of the road.

Lu Zhanbei dug out the gun hidden on his waist, and his eyes seemed to be filled with crushed ice.

"Come out!"

The response was a gunshot.

Lu Zhanbei rolled to the side. At the same time that he avoided the bullet, he found out where the other party was hiding.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bullet hit a tree branch opposite him, causing the leaves to fall.

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It was not only Lu Zhanbei who had to squint his eyes; even Lin Wanwan found it incredible.

She had seen Lu Zhanbeis marksmanship before. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to describe him as having reached the peak of perfection.

It looked like not only did this man have good skills, but he was also very capable of assassination.

She didnt know how long he had been secretly following them. They actually didnt notice any anomaly. If not for Lu Zhanbei, she would not have escaped death so easily!

"Mr. Lu."

Under the moonlight, a slender figure descended from the sky and landed lightly on the ground. His graceful posture was comparable to the levitation practiced in martial arts films.

"If I use a gun, I cant kill you and you cant kill me. Why dont we have a fair duel? The person who loses would lose his life."

After speaking, he threw his gun away.

"If Mr. Lu doesnt have the guts, I allow you to use a weapon."

Lin Wanwan frowned. This man was so arrogant.

Whether it was his tone or movement, he had faintly revealed that he was confident he was bound to win.

Lu Zhanbei sized him up.

He was dressed in black and seemed to have integrated with the night sky. Even the butterfly-shaped mask on his face was black. The exposed half of his face was indifferent and cold. The bloody atmosphere around him didnt seem to carry with it the slightest sign of life.

He felt that he already knew who the other party was.

"Is Mr. Lu thinking about his last words?"