Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 882

Chapter 882 Lu Zhanbei Ive Made A Decision

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The mans lips cracked, and he retreated a few steps.

The man knew that it was futile to continue fighting. He did a backflip and retreated rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the dense birch tree forest.

Tang Chen waved his hands. "After him!"

Upon hearing this, the men who had rushed over as well no longer hid their tracks. They chased the man in a siege.

The sounds of gunfire rang.

Ten minutes later, Tang Qiang provided an update. "He escaped!"

A cold light flashed past Tang Chens eyes. He had activated a hundred men but they didnt manage to capture the other party?

Lu Zhanbeis expression was cold and calm. "Hes not someone ordinary."


"If I didnt guess wrongly, his code name should be Hai Ning."

Tang Chen thought for a while and smiled playfully. "From the largest mercenary organization in Europe the number one mercenary from the Sea Thorns? Rumor has it that as long as the employer pays enough money, there isnt anyone that the Sea Thorns couldnt kill."

"Thats right."

Tang Chen stretched his back lazily and didnt hide his gloating mood.

"Unless Hai Ning dies, he will never give up the task of killing you. Lu Zhanbei, start counting your blessings."

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips and smiled. "Dont even think of taking my woman away from me."

Tang Chen threw Lin Wanwan a frivolous wink. "Dear, its too dangerous being with Lu Zhanbei. You still have time to get rid of him."

Lin Wanwan smiled. "Goodbye, good night."

"" The way she spoke now had become more and more similar to Lu Zhanbei.

"Ok, Ill get going first."

Tang Chen had received reports from his subordinates that Lu Zhanbei was fighting with someone else. He especially came over to watch the excitement.

After that, Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan got on the car and left. It was silent all the way.

At Yun Mansion, Lin Wanwan lay on the bed after taking a shower. She didnt take the initiative to get closer to Lu Zhanbei. Instead, her back was facing him.

"Im going to sleep."

Lu Zhanbei had long sensed her unusual behavior. He pressed her shoulders with force and forced her to face him.

In the darkness, he frowned. "Whats wrong?"

Lin Wanwan bit her lip and didnt say anything.

"Tell me!"

"Lu Zhanbei" Lin Wanwan finally opened her mouth. "When you were training with me in the past, have you always deliberately let me win?"

Lu Zhanbei was stunned. "No."

Lin Wanwan rebutted. "Nonsense. Every time we trained, we could compete on several occasions, but tonight"

She finally realized that when Lu Zhanbei was sparring with her, he didnt even produce half of his actual abilities.

Lu Zhanbei seemed to understand something. He touched her head and said in ridicule, "A battle is not only a physical struggle. Have you forgotten? I lost to your beauty trick last time. Women naturally lose to men in terms of strength. Where physical strength is not enough, IQ comes into play. Theres no need to confront the tough with toughness."

Lu Zhanbeis words didnt comfort Lin Wanwan. She had to admit she was too conceited in the past.

"Im sleepy."

"Go to sleep."

That night, Lin Wanwan tossed and turned for a very long time. She was really defeated.

The next day, after Lu Zhanbei washed up, he saw Lin Wanwan sitting by the bed. She looked stern, as if thinking about something.

Guessing that she was still mindful about last night, Lu Zhanbei felt a little helpless.

This woman was good at everything. However, she was too prideful.

"Ill get going first."

"Wait!" Lin Wanwan called him. "Lu Zhanbei, Ive made a decision."

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her twisted fingers. This was a sign that she was nervous.

"Do share."