Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 884

Chapter 884 She Even Dared To Dump The Ceo. She Was Really Respected

Lu Zhanbei flipped open the contract and glanced through it briefly. Then, he gave a side glance and said plainly, "Your achievements in a month?"


He raised his hand and tore the contract in half. He threw it to the rubbish bin at the side.

"CEO" The ministers legs were shaking.

"Redo. This time, Im only going to give you a day. If you cant satisfy me, Global is coincidentally short of a cleaner."

The minister secretly complained in his heart.

How could a contract worth billions of dollars be budgeted within a day?

The CEO was deliberately not giving him a way out!

"Yes, yes, yes. Ill redo it immediately!"

The minister ran out in a hurry. He saw Gu Mo standing outside the door and immediately asked for help with a bitter look. "Special Assistant Gu, you have to help me. The CEO is he suffering from endocrine disorders? If this continues, I think Ill hang myself. I cant live anymore!"

Gu Mo patted him on the shoulder sympathetically. "It isnt easy to get a high salary. Cherish it."

Through the transparent glass, the scene in the meeting room could be seen clearly.

Lu Zhanbeis face was still as good-looking and elegant as ever. One couldnt tell that he had any tendency to be violent.

"Special Assistant Gu, do provide some hints. Whats wrong with the CEO? Tell me and maybe we can work something out together."

The minister didnt have the confidence to solve the problem that even Lu Zhanbei couldnt solve.

However, the more he couldnt figure it out, the more he wanted to know the truth.

Every employee at Global felt that Lu Zhanbei was god-like. How could such a person have troubles that couldnt be solved?

Gu Mo: "Sir could be considered to have fallen out of love."

The minister: ""

He really couldnt help with this matter.

That Lin Wanwan even dared to dump the CEO. She was really respected.

Buzz, buzz, buzz

In the meeting room, Lu Zhanbeis mobile rang.


"Brother Zhanbei, its me."

Mo Chen reported his name first, then exclaimed in shock, "I called to ask you first, to what extent should Sister-in-laws training be controlled? Youre ruthless as well. You could actually bear for a pretty lady like her to come to the army to suffer."


Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes.

It looked like Lin Wanwan went to find Mo Chen.

"Did she tell you that I got her to find you?"

"Yes. Could it be that this wasnt your intention?"

Without Lu Zhanbeis approval, Mo Chen wouldnt dare to lay a hand on Lin Wanwan.

Lu Zhanbeis lips opened into a smile that was definitely not pleasant-looking. "Since this is what she asked for, go ahead. Youre welcome to treat her according to Sirius training standards."

Mo Chen was so shocked that his eyeballs nearly fell out.

Sirius was the most powerful special forces regiment in Xia country.

It was unavoidable for them to fork out hard work and sweat for their abilities. Even their normal training was filled with dangers. It was needless to say how tiring the process was.

Even Mo Chen found it difficult to handle at times.

"Brother Zhanbei, did you get together with Lin Wanwan to take revenge on her?"

Other boyfriends couldnt wait to dote on their girlfriends. However, he seemed to want to play her to death.

Lu Zhanbei hung up the call directly. He lit a cigarette. The surrounding smoke couldnt blur the frowns between his eyebrows.

Lin Wanwan initially wanted to seek Mo Jiushangs help. After all, his skills were rare in this world and he had been her master for a while.

However, he was too lazy and would definitely be unwilling to waste time supervising her. Thus, she could only settle for second best.

After she negotiated with the director of "Original Sin," he agreed to postpone Lin Wanwans acting scenes. After freeing up half a month, she immediately contacted Mo Chen.

Mo Chen brought her to a temporarily suspended base.