Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 885

Chapter 885 Here Hit Me

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This was a small valley that was filled with all kinds of training equipment.

"Sister-in-law, hes Xing Si, the captain of Sirius. He will be responsible for your training this time around."

Xing Si wore a black vest. His camouflage trousers were tucked into his black leather boots. Beneath his short hair was a cold and resolute face. He had slightly raised eyebrows and a high nose bridge. His eye sockets were deep, and his facial features seemed to have been carved out with a knife.

There was no sense of nobility or elegance. He was like the sharpest army knife that could pierce the enemys heart at any time. He was masculine and full of manliness.

"Hello." Xing Si looked at her, his eyes indifferent. He said in a local accent, "Before the training, I just want to know if you are aware of what you are getting yourself into."

"Of course!"

"Very well. From this moment onward, Ill treat you as my new recruit. Hold back your tears. Bear with your injuries. Youre not to complain that its tough or tiring, because even if youre the King, there wouldnt be any personal relationships to speak of between you and me. You will be dealt with under military law!"

Lin Wanwan looked at his expressionless face and silently swallowed her saliva.

She had an ominous feeling that she wouldnt be living well for the next couple of days.


"Follow me."

Lin Wanwan immediately followed up.

Mo Chen once again felt that Lin Wanwan might not be Lu Zhanbeis real wife.

What kind of person was Xing Si?

The leader of the number one Special Forces in Xia country was a famous third-generation soldier.

He was not only an outstanding commander, but he was also the number one solider in the Lu army forces.

His skills were definitely not being exaggerated. It was estimated that only Mo Jiushang could be compared to him.

In his eyes, there was no difference between men and women. Lin Wanwan would only suffer in his hands.

Xing Si brought Lin Wanwan to an empty clearing.

"Here, hit me."


Xing Si explained in irritation, "I want to understand clearly where your capabilities lie."

"So I should give it my all?"


After doing warm-ups, Lin Wanwan immediately threw a punch at Xing Si.

As she was swinging her fist out halfway, he had already grabbed her wrist in his hand.

"Too slow."

A side kick landed on the back of Xing Sis hands, which were in a lower block position.

However, he didnt retreat the slightest bit. His back was straight, and he was like the pines on the snow-capped mountains cold and aggressive.

"Not enough strength."

They exchanged a few more blows.

"Poor responsiveness."


Xing Si spit out these comments from his cold lips. They nearly defeated Lin Wanwan.

What was going on with this persons morals and manners?

First, there was Mo Jiushang, who was extraordinarily strong. Then, there was Lu Zhanbei, who could crush her within minutes. There was also that killer that time who was insanely strong.

Now, there was Xing Si

From above, Xing Si looked at the woman who was sprawled on the ground. Even though she was in a sorry state, she still looked beautiful. There wasnt a trace of sympathy on his face.

"Youll start off with running for an hour with twenty pounds."


Lin Wanwan stood up and regained her confidence. After tying on the weights, she started to run around the valley.

After running for half an hour, she couldnt take it any longer.

Every cell in her body was conveying the message of exhaustion. Lin Wanwans sight was already blurred by sweat. Her mind went blank, and she held on for her life.

There was no turning back from an open bow.

Since she had made this decision, she didnt allow herself to regret it!

Finally, an hour passed.


Lin Wanwan knelt both knees on the ground. She placed both hands on the surface and breathed heavily. Her whole body was filled with sweat, as if she had just been taken out of the water.