Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 886

Chapter 886 You Asked For It

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Xing Si, who walked over, glanced at her. He threw over a black cloth strip.

"Now, well practice listening."

"" This King of Hades was even more inhumane than Lu Zhanbei.

"Sir, may I rest for a while? Just five minutes." Lin Wanwan felt that she was almost out of breath.

"I can give you half an hour."

"Really?" Lin Wanwan thought that she had picked up a good deal.

"As long as you let me hit you twenty times."

"Sir, believe me. You will be destined to stay single for life."

Xing Si didnt like to bicker with others. His eyes turned cold. "Do you want to continue or suffer the beatings?"

"Continue!" Lin Wanwan nearly squeezed out this word from the gaps between her teeth.

Lin Wanwans eyes were covered with a black cloth. The pitch-black space made her feel insecure.

Xing Si grabbed a large number of small stones with his hand full of callouses. He threw them up one by one, as if juggling.

"Lets start."

Lin Wanwans body immediately became taut.

Xing Sis defined arm drew a powerful stroke in the air and a stone was thrown out.


When Lin Wanwan managed to distinguish from which direction the stone was thrown, it was already too late for her to avoid it.

Soon after, another stone was thrown.

Two Five Ten

"Oh, so painful!"

The womans pitiful screams were endless.

Two hours later, another phase of training ended.

Lin Wanwan lay on the ground filled with dirty mud and felt that she was about to be tortured into ruins.

Xing Si walked over and casually threw three items at her.

"Start eating."

It was finally mealtime!

However, when Lin Wanwan saw clearly that the so-called lunch was just a packet of compressed biscuits, a can of sardines, and a small bottle of mineral water, she looked at Xing Si feeling aggrieved.

"Even prisoners eat much better than this. Please do a good deed. On account that you will continue to torture me this afternoon, cant you give me something delicious?"

Xing Si opened the packet of compressed biscuits and took a bite.


He gave a short command. His cold and arrogant tone came from his innate powerfulness as a king.

Lin Wanwan wanted to cry. In front of this King of Hades, it was useless to act pitiful to try and gain sympathy.

After eating the so-called lunch, Lin Wanwan continued to devote herself to the devils training.

Climbing and obstacle course training took place in the afternoon.

The sky finally turned dark. Lin Wanwan thought that this long day was finally going to be over. Who knew that Xing Si wasnt prepared to let her go and would get her to run for another one and a half hours?

"You can rest now."

When she heard these words, Lin Wanwan nearly cried out of happiness.

There was a clean wooden cabin in the valley. Lin Wanwan didnt even want to take a shower. She lay directly on the hard-board bed and felt that her body was as heavy as lead.

Although she wanted to sleep immediately, upon thinking about how busy the day had been, she still decided to give Lu Zhanbei a call so that he wouldnt let his mind wander.

Du du

Just when the call was about to be automatically hung up, Lu Zhanbei finally answered.

"Is anything the matter?"

The cold tone was like a basin of cold water that immediately extinguished the enthusiasm in Lin Wanwans heart.

She pouted in dissatisfaction. "What are you doing?"

"Drinking at Ground Palace."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan merely assumed that he was still angry and said these words just to provoke her anger. She cooperated with him and acted as if she was about to explode.

"Lu Zhanbei, are you still humane? Your girlfriends suffering and is about to be tortured to death, and you still have the leisure to drink and make merry?"

"You asked for it."

Lin Wanwan snorted. Indeed, this narrow-minded man was still angry.