Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 887

Chapter 887 Secretly Came To See Her

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Yes. Indeed, this was what she asked for.

She didnt want to be a flower in the greenhouse and just had to come to the desolate mountains to suffer.

However, who did she do this for?

"Youre really at Ground Palace?"


"How do you prove it?"

Lin Wanwan felt that Lu Zhanbei was being so cold and heartless because he wanted to use this method to punish her.

"Gu Mo, play some music."

An intriguing piece of music traveled over from the phone. Indeed, this was a classic piece from Ground Palace.

So he was really at Ground Palace. Good for him

"Lu Zhanbei, you heartless fellow!"

There came a static noise from the receiver due to the call being hung up. Lu Zhanbei stored away his mobile without changing his expression.

"Gu Mo, stop the music."

Gu Mo swiped his finger on the screen and the music stopped abruptly.

He said with a puzzled look, "Sir, why did you lie to Ms. Lin? You should know Xing Sis means of torture. She must have suffered a lot and needs your comfort now."

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "Theres a saying, hatred is more unforgettable than love."

He believed that the agitated Lin Wanwan would turn anger into motivation.

Gu Mo felt that what Sir said was reasonable.

"Sir, theres actually another reason why youre doing this, right?"

Gu Mo didnt notice the danger hiding beneath Lu Zhanbeis half-laughing expression. He grinned and said, "Are you trying to prove that youre actually more ruthless than Ms. Lin?"

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips. "You have progressed quite a bit lately. Im comforted."

This gentle and harmless tone made Gu Mo feel less guarded.

He scratched his head in embarrassment and was about to say some humble words when Lu Zhanbei added slowly, "Since you can understand my thoughts so well, go to Africa one week from now and be in charge of the mining process for that oil mine. Come back only when you feel that Im satisfied."

"" Gu Mo cried without tears.

Knowing that it was impossible for his orders to change, Gu Mo could only wipe his face and accept reality.

"Sir, actually you dont have to say one thing and mean another, because"

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"You have spoken too much."

Gu Mo immediately lowered his head and pretended to be dead.

Lu Zhanbei pushed open the car door. The cool evening breeze welcomed him.

Borrowing the faint moonlight, he walked forward in a leisurely stroll. From afar, he saw Xing Si lying on the hammock.

"Xing Si, I havent seen you in so many years. You still look like youre deserving of a beating."

Xing Si rested his hands behind his head. "Not as deserving of a beating compared to Mr. Lu."

Lu Zhanbei didnt continue the conversation and went to the wooden cabin.

Lin Wanwan was already asleep. She fell into a deep sleep, which showed that she was extremely tired.

Lu Zhanbei stood in front of the bed and watched for a while. After that, he sat over, pulled open the blankets, and removed her clothes.

Due to the listening practice during the day, her body was full of bruises, thanks to Xing Si. It was a shocking sight when contrasted with her fair skin.

Lu Zhanbeis eyes sank and he took out a few boxes of ointment.

The refreshing cream was applied thinly on the scars, relieving her pain. Lin Wanwan, who was asleep, let out a pleasant sigh.

Lu Zhanbei took out another box of ointment and applied it on her arms, thighs, and shoulders.

The rough palms dispersed the cream and pressed lightly on those tired muscles.

In the end, Lu Zhanbei helped her get dressed and wiped out traces of his presence.

As he walked to the door of the wooden cabin, he looked back at Lin Wanwan.

The woman on the bed no longer frowned in discomfort and was now sleeping sweetly.

He rubbed his lips and said, "Serves you right."