Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 888

Chapter 888 I Dont Have A Ruthless Girlfriend Who Abandons Her Boyfriend

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When the wooden door closed, Lu Zhanbei took the original route back. As he passed by Xing Si, who was on the hammock, he said, "You better pray to God that you will never find a woman in this lifetime."

If not, he would definitely get back at his woman for the score of bullying Lin Wanwan.

Xing Sis face was still expressionless as he said, "Bye."

When Lu Zhanbei asked him for help, he even specifically told him there wasnt a need to give her any special treatment. Now, he was feeling heartache.

When the first ray of morning light shone on Lin Wanwans face, knocks were heard on the wooden door.

"Wake up."

Resigned to fate, Lin Wanwan climbed out of bed. She was surprised to find that her body was unexpectedly relaxed.

This wasnt right. Based on how she was training yesterday, she should be feeling sore all over today.

However, instead of feeling that way, she actually felt physically and mentally energized.


Xing Sis impatient urges interrupted Lin Wanwans thoughts. She brushed her teeth and washed her face at the fastest speed and ran to the empty clearing to await orders.

The training today was exactly the same as yesterday. Lin Wanwan gritted her teeth and hung in there.

Perhaps her body was gradually getting used to this level of stress. When the days training ended, although she felt exhausted, it was still slightly better than yesterday.

She took a shower and didnt go to bed at once. Instead, she took out her mobile and quietly ran behind Xing Si.

It was unknown when Xing Si had ignited a bunch of bonfires. He stretched one long leg straight and the other was curved up lazily. The jumping flares were shining on his extremely cold yet handsome face, adding a layer of mysteriousness. That pair of eagle-like eyes was still sharp.

He was holding a one-meter-long sword in his hand. It looked a little like a samurai sword. With the cotton cloth being used to wipe the blade gently, the sharp knife reflected cold luster.

Lin Wanwan approached him step by step. She looked for a good angle and raised her mobile.

Suddenly, a trace of cold light flashed past and that long sword was placed on her neck.

Lin Wanwan was so frightened she broke out in a cold sweat.

"Sir, we can talk things out."

Xing Si didnt look at her and continued to polish his sword.

Lin Wanwan felt indignant. She just wanted to take an intimate photo to send to Lu Zhanbei so that he would become agitated.

"Sir, Confucius said, an ungentlemanly man will be a bachelor for a lifetime."

"I say, you, go to bed now."

"" Lin Wanwan was defeated and rolled off to rest.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed. Although each day of training was tough and arduous, Lin Wanwan felt that she had greatly improved in terms of speed and strength.

Even though she still couldnt hold up for more than ten of Xing Sis moves, she managed to regain her confidence.

One day, she would be strong enough such that everyone would worship her. Even if she stood next to Lu Zhanbei, no one would have any doubts.

"Sir, I have to go and film tomorrow. When Im no longer busy, Ill ask you out again. Thanks for this past half a month."

Xing Si glanced at her sincere look, then turned around and left. "Dont fall into convulsions here."

After witnessing Xing Si leaving, Lin Wanwan dug out her mobile and called Lu Zhanbei.

"Lu Zhanbei, where are you?"

"Sleeping." Lu Zhanbeis deep voice carried with it a trace of sleepiness.

Lin Wanwan criticized this mans heartlessness and said stiffly, "My training has come to an end. Come and pick me up."

"Walk back by yourself. Its not too far."

It was more than an hours car ride. This wasnt considered far?

Lin Wanwan was so agitated that her organs ached. "How is there a boyfriend like you? Could it be that sleeping is more important than picking up your girlfriend?"

"I dont have a ruthless girlfriend who abandons her boyfriend."