Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 889

Chapter 889 If You Want To Lead A Good Life You Have To Be Made A Cuckold First

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Mr. Lu had quite a huge temper as well. Lin Wanwan tried her best to soften her voice. "We havent seen each other for half a month. I miss you a lot. Im sure you miss me too, right?"

She wasnt lying. They were used to seeing each other every day. After being separated for a period of time, she would be lying if she said she didnt miss him.

Thankfully, she didnt have any free time during this period. If not, she would have long looked for Lu Zhanbei.

"No." Actually, they met every night. It was just that she didnt know this.

Lin Wanwan clenched her teeth. "Are you sure you want to be so ruthless?"

Lu Zhanbei changed his tone, sounding innocent. "Whats wrong with me? The ruthless one is obviously you."

With a slam, Lin Wanwan hung up the call.

She knew that although Lu Zhanbei was just saying this, he would definitely not think that she would be able to run back to the city. As such, she turned her grief and indignation into strength and really returned to her condominium with only her two legs.

Such running was more relaxed than Xing Sis weight-running. When she returned, she was still energetic aside from panting a little.

When Lin Wanwan, who had been severely sleep-deprived for half a month, opened her eyes again, it was the next day.

Seeing that she was about to be late, she packed up simply and hurried toward the production studio.

After changing into the beautiful dress for the film, she let the makeup artist apply makeup to her face. She took out her mobile and started to refresh Weibo.

Fu Ya, who was sitting next to her and closing her eyes to rest, said lazily, "There hasnt been any major news recently. The first paparazzi in Xia country gave birth to a child. The male celebrity who loves to be in a threesome admitted to it. The female singer who loves one-night stands has stopped doing so. The entertainment circle has been peaceful recently. Nothing much."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Nothing was taboo in Fu Yas words.

"However, theres a piece of news thats worth your attention."


"This years Angel City model show will take place in Xia country. In order to raise awareness, the organizing committee invited a number of celebrities from the entertainment circle to participate. I heard that there will even be a friendly match between the circles. I feel that you will receive an invitation as well. Are you going?"

"Not going. Im not free."

If she had that time, she might as well reinforce her training.

After her makeup was done, Lin Wanwan started filming.

The director had put all her filming scenes together. Lin Wanwans filming intensity was very strong. Thankfully, she was physically stronger now and her acting skills were on-point. Her progress, which was like shed been sitting on a rocket, satisfied everyone.

Lu Zhanbei didnt contact her for a few days consecutively.

Lin Wanwan held it in and didnt take the initiative.

As Fu Ya had said, she indeed received an invitation for "Angel City."

"Si Dada, Im not interested in the model show. Help me reject them."

"Ok." Si Han seemed to recall something and continued, "Your high school monitor sent an email to my work email. She said theres a class reunion tomorrow night and to contact her if youre interested."

"Im free tomorrow night." Coincidentally, she didnt have any scenes to film tomorrow night.

"Ill send you the contact number later, then. Oh right, did that Fu Ya get into any trouble?"

Listening to his cold tone, Lin Wanwan knew that he didnt fall for Fu Ya. She couldnt help but heave a sigh of relief for Baoer.

"What are you referring to? If she seduced other men behind your back? Fu Ya is now the dream lover of all the men in the production team. If you want to lead a good life, you have to be made a cuckold first. Financier, my condolences."

"" Si Han couldnt be bothered to argue with her and hung up the call.

Lin Wanwans finger swept across the call records. She stayed on Lu Zhanbeis number for a while, then moved away decisively.

He wanted to play with her using the game of letting one off first in order to catch one later? Sure. She wanted to see who wouldnt be able to hold back first.