Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 89

Chapter 89 What Goes Around Comes Around 2

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“Are you admitting that you have indeed taken drugs?”

“No.” Lin Wanwan shook her head. Although she looked blurry, her gaze was crystal clear.

“Our teacher has also taken a look at the drug abuse documentary. If I had taken drugs, why was it that the photographer didn’t take a picture of me struggling when the needle was being inserted?”

Everyone looked at one another. This was indeed a doubtful point.

Lin Wanwan continued, “I didn’t have strength after drinking a cup of water that day. My mind was in a daze. There was a bad person trying to harm me”

When these words were out, there was a commotion below the stage.

Could it be that someone forcibly injected drugs into Lin Wanwan?

Amidst the whisperings, someone asked loudly, “Where is the evidence for what you said?”

“Exactly. It’s only your side of the story. Where is the evidence?”

“Ms. Lin, who is the bad person you are referring to?”

Lin Wanwan did not say anything else but waved in a direction not far away.

Ling Cao walked timidly to Lin Wanwan’s side. Under everyone’s watchful gaze, her nervous voice was heard from every corner through the microphone.

“I am I am a servant from the Lin family. When Second Miss was being injected with drugs that night, I was also present. I can prove that Second Miss did not willingly take drugs, but was forced by someone.”


Ling Cao’s words were like a bomb, and everyone who was bombarded by this was in shock. Many people blurted out and asked, “Who was it?”

“It’s Missus.”

The entire place was in an uproar again. Everyone recalled the rumor where Lin Wanwan was being abused previously and could not help but believe what was said.

Lin Wanwan rolled up her sleeve and revealed the arm with a pinhole that had not dissipated yet.

“This was left behind that day. It would be too fake if a drug addict only has one pinhole on his or her body!”

After a short moment of silence, someone mumbled, “Besides injections, who knew if you had taken drugs using other methods?”

This person must have been sent by Tao Xinyue to undermine whatever she said.

Lin Wanwan looked at the person who spoke, quietly frowned, and was about to speak.

“I can prove it!”

Suddenly, a thick voice drifted over.

Everyone looked to the side and saw a man with prim facial features dressed in a black suit walk up the stage.

The black mole underneath his lips was very recognizable, and it immediately caused a few people to exclaim.

“Isn’t this the best general medicine practitioner in Xia country, Mr. Zhou Yan? Why is such an elite from the medical profession here?”

Zhou Yan came to a stop next to Lin Wanwan. He politely nodded, “Ms. Lin, we meet again.”

Lin Wanwan blinked. “Hello. Do we know each other?”

“When your drug addiction kicked up that night, I was the one who treated you. You were unconscious then, so you don’t remember me.”


Then this Zhou Yan definitely knew Lu Zhanbei. Was it Lu Zhanbei’s intention for him to step out right now?

Lin Wanwan swept her gaze over the surroundings but did not spot that familiar figure.

Zhou Yan faced the media and said plainly, “I swear by a doctor’s professional ethics and conduct that Ms. Lin only had drugs inserted into her once. When the drug addiction kicked up, she relied on her own willpower to pull through. It’s not easy for a young girl like her to be so strong. I hope that everyone will spare her. After all, she’s only a seventeen-year-old child. Thank you.”

The words were simple and straight to the point, and they perfectly got those who questioned Lin Wanwan previously to shut up.

No one doubted the truth in Zhou Yan’s words. After all, he was an elite from the medical profession in Xia country and a person of authority.

Lin Wanwan gave a slight smile. “Thank you, Doctor. Does anyone still have questions?”

Many people started to believe that Lin Wanwan did not take drugs, but the undercover agent that Tao Xinyue had sent over was not willing to let matters rest.