Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 890

Chapter 890 Damned Arrogance

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At the hotel, Lin Wanwan knocked on the reserved room door.

After seeing Lin Wanwan, the pretty monitor immediately clapped her hands. "Fellow classmates, our popular celebrity is here. Ready your cameras and signature pens. Those who want a photo opportunity, start queuing!"

Lin Wanwan smiled.

Perhaps because they hadnt seen each other for a long time and she was now a popular celebrity in the entertainment circle, a number of people appeared somewhat restrained in front of her.

"Lin Wanwan, I have liked you for a long time. Can we take a photo together?"

"Of course."

Lin Wanwan signaled the shy male student to sit over. She picked up her mobile and took a photo.

After that, a number of people requested for a photo with her.

Lin Wanwan didnt reject anyone.

After taking the photos, she logged on to Weibo.

Lin Wanwan: "At a gathering with high school classmates. Im super happy!"

There were nine photos on Weibo, all of which were with the male students.

As a quasi-frontline actress with millions of fans, once Lin Wanwan sent that Weibo out, it immediately attracted countless peoples attention.

This naturally included her die-hard fan, Ball.

Lu Zhanbei, who was currently in the CEO office of Global Corporation, opened the photos one by one.

In the photos, she smiled like a flower and looked really happy.

Lu Zhanbeis beautiful phoenixes turned dark. The hand that was holding the mobile continued to exert force.

Without him, she was still leading a happy life.

His heart suddenly gave rise to a strong sense of irritability.

Gu Mo, who was standing by the side, swallowed his saliva. "Sir, stop hanging in there. Go and find Ms. Lin quickly."

Lu Zhanbei said coldly, "Shes not willing to see me. Why should I go and look for her?"

Gu Mo complained in his heart,Damned arrogance. Youre obviously the one who had lost your temper!

All in all, Sir was just hurt by Ms. Lins actions.

The more he cared, the more calculative he would be.

No matter how strong a man was, he would be in a mess once he was in a relationship.

Lu Zhanbei pinched his eyebrows and recalled his performance for the past few days.

He was like a concubine in the cold palace who was trying various ways to prove where he stood in Lin Wanwans heart.

It was ridiculously childish.

"Gu Mo, prepare the car."

"Yes!" Gu Mo jolted to attention. He knew that Sir couldnt hold it anymore.

"Wait, call someone else to come along with me."


Lu Zhanbeis handsome face was stunning yet indifferent. When he smiled, there was always a sense of danger.

In Year 3 Class 1, besides the celebrity Lin Wanwan, Fu Zhinian also had a famed reputation.

Not too long later, a female student asked, "Why isnt Fu Zhinian here yet? Monitor, did you inform him?"

The monitor felt helpless. "I couldnt find a way to contact him. I dont even have his emergency contact."

"Sigh" A large group of females in the room sighed in disappointment.

At this moment, the door was pushed open. A cold voice sounded in everyones ears. "Sorry, Im late."

This voice was

Speak of the devil!

Fu Zhinians amateurish look from their high school years had already faded away. His angular face became more handsome, and the frown between his eyebrows was more obvious. He immediately caused a group of fangirls to exclaim loudly.

However, this situation lasted only for a second.


"Take a look quickly! The man beside Fu Zhinian. Its love at first sight for me!"

"Who is he? Hes not from our class"

Lin Wanwan, who was drinking fruit juice, looked up and met a pair of deep phoenixes.