Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 891

Chapter 891 So You Guys Are Siblings

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The surprise almost brought the sip of juice out of her mouth, but her shocked expression soon turned playful.

Just as she thought, Mr. Lu bit the bait.

If Fu Zhinian were a proud and flamboyant prince, Lu Zhanbei would be the king whos high up in the air. Just one glance of his was enough to bring shivers down the spines of these freshmen.

There was a moment of silence before someone gathered the courage to ask Fu Zhinian, who just took his seat, "Zhinian, who is this?"

"I dont know him."


Lu Zhanbei strolled toward Lin Wanwan and plopped himself down beside her.

At that moment, all eyes were on Lin Wanwan.

A girl who was a friend of hers pulled her sleeves and whispered.

"Wanwan, you must know him, right? Whats your relationship?"

"I dont" Lin Wanwan was about to deny knowing him, but Lu Zhanbei was one step ahead. He wrapped his slender arm around her shoulder, and it looked pretty intimate.

The atmosphere turned ambiguous right away.

Was he Lin Wanwans boyfriend?

Lin Wanwans eyes flickered as she brushed his hand off with a sigh. "Bro, Im no longer a child. Whats there to be worried about attending a simple party?"


The crowd came to a sudden realization.

So, they were siblings.

Lu Zhanbei looked into her cunning eyes. "Brother with benefits."

The crowd looked at Lin Wanwan once again.

Lin Wanwan kept her cool and put on an innocent smile. "Dont mind him; my brother loves to joke around. The sole reason that hes here today is to seek out a potential boyfriend for me. Is there anyone here whos single and interested in me? If things match between us, you can feel free to walk me home today!"

The crowded lounge blew up.

Lu Zhanbei gave her a deadly glare.

This woman deserved a good beating!

Lin Wanwan stared right back at him without fear as the air around them smelled like a battlefield.

After a while, Lu Zhanbei smirked and made his comeback. "If Im not wrong, you already have a boyfriend. You like playing the field?"

"We broke up."

Lu Zhanbeis face sank. "Why is that?"

Lin Wanwan didnt reply; instead, she turned to a chubby-faced girl. "Cai Meimei, do you have a boyfriend?"


"In that case, let me give an example. Say youre working for your future alongside your boyfriend, and instead of appreciating your effort, he throws a tantrum. What would you do?"

"Break up with him, of course! What else can I do!?"

Lin Wanwan nodded with satisfaction as he turned back to Lu Zhanbei. "Thats why we broke up."

"" Lin Wanwan felt the pressure rise around her.

"Erm" Just then, a clean-looking boy walked over. Lin Wanwan remembered him; he was one of the top students in the Imperial Capital High School.

"Wanwan, I have liked you for a long time. Can you consider me? I remember that you said that you want a boyfriend who treats you well. If we can be together, I promise I wont look at any other girl, and Ill give you my wage slip"

He got more excited as he spoke.

Lin Wanwan found him kind of cute. It was refreshing to see an innocent bunny like him after fighting off cunning wolves all this time.

However, before Lin Wanwan could say a thing, Lu Zhanbei replied in her place, "No way."

Lin Wanwan glanced at him. "Who are you to say that?"

"Im your brother."