Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 892

Chapter 892 Ill Call The Police If You Mess Around

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Lin Wanwan had no comeback. Mr. Lu was sure good at adapting to the situation.

"Tell me, then, why cant he be my boyfriend?"

Lu Zhanbei glanced at the boy. It wasnt a harsh look, but it sent the guys legs trembling.

"Too slim, so he cant take punches well."

"Who do you think I am? Why would I punch him for no reason?"

"Being the violent girl you are, Im sure hell have to take more than just punches."

""This mans here just to slash my throat.

The atmosphere in the lounge was a little strange. The guys just felt like Lin Wanwan had a brother who was strict to the core.

On the other hand, the girls, who were way more observant, noticed the flares between the two.

"Wanwan, Im so envious of you. Your popularity is going over the top. Im sure getting the title of the best actress is just a matter of time." The girls quickly changed the topic.

An eerie shadow beclouded Lu Zhanbeis face. "She was just lucky."

The once class monitor froze for a second before speaking again. "Wanwan, you are looking better than ever, and your skin is glowing. Whats the secret to your beauty?"

Lu Zhanbei: "Plastic surgery."

"" The monitor sent a Lin Wanwan a look, begging for help. There was nothing she could say!

Lin Wanwan turned to Lu Zhanbei with a cynical smile. "Bro, if I am a plastic surgery addict, what would you call a man who loves me?"

"Hes blind."

Lin Wanwan almost broke out laughing. This guy

Along the way, she left for the restroom. When she left the cubicle, she spotted the man leaning against the door with a cigarette between his lips. His gesture was pleasing to the eyes, and he looked like a fairytale prince.

That was if it wasnt the ladies washroom.

Lin Wanwan stood still and looked at him with a smile. "Bro, when did you change your gender?"

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her as he dropped the cigarette before stomping on it. The loud noise made her heart skip a beat.

She watched with a racing heart as the man walked toward her. "Lu Zhanbei, I will call the police if you dare mess around!"

Lu Zhanbei marched forward, and Lin Wanwan ran for the door as if her life was on the line.

When she crossed shoulders with the man, her wrist was caught. With a soft sling, the man brought her into the cubicle.

The mans foot jolted the door shut.

"Lu Zhanbei!"

Lin Wanwan glared at him as she was forced to sit. "What the hell are you trying to do?"

Lu Zhanbei raised his brows. "Not calling me brother any longer?"

Lin Wanwan paused before pinching her nose and calling with a strange tone. "Brother~"

"I like it." His voice sounded suggestive.

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. When she tried to stand up, Lu Zhanbei locked her down once again.

The man had a hand on the wall. Lowering his body, he pinned her in his arms. His tongue soon fought its way past her thin lips.

"It hurts" Lin Wanwan swung her fist at his shoulders.

Lu Zhanbei frowned as he was kissing her.

He had to admit that the girls stronger than before.

Lin Wanwan finally escaped from his grasp and mocked, "I cant believe that Mr. Lu liked such places."

Lu Zhanbeis rough fingertip gently caressed her lips. "It doesnt matter where it is as long as Im with you."

"Did Mr. Lu come all the way here just to make out with me?"

Lu Zhanbei: "I was just here to drive Fu Zhinian to the party because it was on the way."

It seemed like poor Fu Zhinian had been pressured into this, which explained why he was so grumpy.

"Was sneaking into the ladies room on the way as well?"