Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 893

Chapter 893 Lets Give Birth To A Baby Shall We?

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Lu Zhanbeis eyes darkened. He lowered his head and bit her lower lip. "A dog really cant produce ivory."

Damn. He actually dared to call her a dog!

"Lu Zhanbei, Im going to let you witness how formidable this dog is!"

Lin Wanwan raised her head and bit him. She couldnt bear to exert too much force and just bit him with the appropriate strength.

Lu Zhanbei grabbed her legs and lifted her up. He sat down, and his restless hands passed through her clothes, sliding downwards along her beautiful spine.

In the small compartment, spring was endless.

Under his relentless attacks, Lin Wanwans body softened like spring water.

"Lin Wanwan, what did you call me?"

"Lu Lu Zhanbei."





Compared to the woman in his arms whose clothes had fallen into a messy pile, Lu Zhanbei didnt have a single wrinkle on his clothes. The tip of his tongue passed over her sensitive earlobe, and he said in bewilderment, "Give birth to a baby for Brother, ok?"

"Oh ok"

"Then what should that baby call me when he is born? Uncle or Father?"

"" Lin Wanwan, who was charmed by the flirtatious moves, could not help but turn speechless in despair.

Mr. Lu was not only a fighting machine among hooligans, but he was also the originator of bad taste.

Lu Zhanbei saw that she was distracted and exerted a little more force, as if punishing her. Only when she was panting heavily and her body was trembling did he put down the long skirt that was now at her waist. He gently rubbed against her thigh.

"Youre developing well recently."

Lin Wanwan leaned over like a thief. "Is the feel better now?"

Lu Zhanbei swept his eyes across the faintly visible arcs on her chest and retracted his hands calmly. "Theres still room for improvement."

Lin Wanwan snorted coldly. She wasnt being narcissistic, but ever since she underwent Xing Sis devils training, not only did her skills improve but she also obtained a better figure. She even grew two centimeters in height.

Lin Wanwan got dressed and walked out with a pair of sunglasses. Lu Zhanbei very naturally stuck one hand into his trousers pocket and kept up with her leisurely.

Once she exited the washroom, she saw a youth in black standing uprightly by the door. His side view was handsome, and he was carrying an unopened can of beer in his hand.

Lin Wanwan retreated three steps. "Cough Fu Zhinian, what are you doing here?"

"Keeping a lookout."

Fu Zhinian swept his gaze across her eyes that couldnt hide the lust and said, "The garden is filled with the brightness of spring"

Lin Wanwan made a stop gesture and quickly walked away. Fu Zhinian rubbed his lips lightly and quickly followed up.

Lu Zhanbei didnt stop them. Instead, he seemed to be deliberately keeping a distance from the two.

"Fu Zhinian, how have you been recently?"

"Not very good."

Lin Wanwans look tightened. "Did anything happen?"

"I was lectured by the discipline master."


"He commented that my hair was too long and that it was dyed."

Lin Wanwan looked at Fu Zhinians hair. It had grown very long and was about to cover his eyes.

"Do you want me to recommend a hairstylist to you? The craftsmanship is very good. I promise that you will be made even more handsome."

Fu Zhinians handsome face darkened slightly. He had already made such an obvious hint

"No money." He seemed to have squeezed these two words out from the gaps between his teeth.

Lin Wanwan finished reminiscing and found it funny. "Then Ill accompany you to rob the rich and help the poor, just like how you dealt with those hooligans previously. Just one attempt and youll be rich."

Fu Zhinian glanced at her. He hastened his pace and got rid of her.

Lin Wanwan was stunned. Why did she feel that there was a trace of grievance that flashed past Fu Zhinians eyes just now?

He was extremely like the cute little puppy