Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 894

Chapter 894 Im The Wind And Hes The Sand

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Lin Wanwan quickly chased after him and patted him on his shoulder. "Dont be angry. I was just joking with you. Come and find me at Yun Mansion tomorrow afternoon. Ill help you cut your hair for free. My craftsmanship is definitely comparable to a world-class stylist. Believe me!"

Her narcissism was indeed world-class.

Fu Zhinian initially wanted to complain but, instead, nodded shyly. "I believe you, Wanwan."

When these words came out, even Fu Zhinian was stunned.

Lin Wanwan was even more shocked. Those clean and clear eyes. The soft and dependent tone. He was the cute little puppy himself!

What was this situation?

Could it be

In order to verify the thoughts in her heart, Lin Wanwan reached out and touched his head. Then, she noticed Fu Zhinian curving his lips.

However, the next second, he seemed to have realized he had lost control of himself and became stern. "No using of hands and legs. Its proper for men and women to keep a distance!"

"Chuckle hahaha!"

Lin Wanwan laughed so loudly that Fu Zhinian turned pale and thought that she was possessed.

He didnt know why, but every time he saw Lin Wanwan, he couldnt help but want to get closer and closer to her.

"Fu Zhinian!"

At this moment, an agitated female voice traveled over from the other end of the corridor.

Both of them looked toward the sound. A girl in a white flowery skirt was running quickly toward Fu Zhinian, like a young swallow.

There were a few people behind her as well. As they were too far away, the two couldnt see them clearly.

Just when the girl was about to pounce into Fu Zhinians arms, he moved away quickly.


The girl, who couldnt regain her balance in time, had her head stuck in a potted plant by the corner of the wall. She spit out a mouthful of mud.

Lin Wanwan covered her face. Thankfully, these werent pine needles. If not, she would have become a hedgehog.

A few leaves were stuck at Qiao Yuans head. She looked at Fu Zhinian dejectedly and started to weep. "Fu Zhinian, youre flirting with this woman. Are you trying to betray me?"

Lin Wanwan, who was being pointed at, looked confused.

In front of Mr. Lu, this woman actually gave her such a title. Was she trying to kill her?

Also, what betrayal? She had personally heard Fu Zhinian breaking up with her.

Fu Zhinian immediately broke away from the embarrassment in front of Lin Wanwan. Feeling irritated that Qiao Yuan was pestering him, he grabbed Lin Wanwans hand fiercely and said with his eyes cold, "Im already with her."


This kid was just like his brother lying without blushing.

Lin Wanwan subconsciously looked back. She saw Lu Zhanbei standing far away, as if ready to watch the excitement.

Hah. Lets see how long he could pretend.

"Zhinians right. We have already reached the stage where Im the wind and hes the sand. We have already decided to be together all our lives. Ill definitely not be like some woman who just dumped her boyfriend at the critical moment and just focused on escaping on her own."

During the confession, she didnt forget to cast Fu Zhinian a lingering look.

Qiao Yuan was so agitated that her expression became distorted.

At this moment, the people behind her had already walked over.

With her high heels, the leader of the pack was approximately 1.8 meters tall. Her loose style of dressing couldnt hide her tall and slender figure. She looked cold, arrogant, and indifferent.

"Yuan, are you done? I still have something on. Dont waste my time."

Although these words were spoken in English, she clearly had an Asian face.

Qiao Yuan couldnt listen to her words at all. She was like a crazy she-wolf as she pounced at Lin Wanwan while screaming.