Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 895

Chapter 895 Youre Not Fit To Be Someone From Xia Country

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"You actually dare to steal my boyfriend away. You slut!"

Lin Wanwan raised her hand and wanted to give her a slap. Fu Zhinians move was faster and more ruthless than hers.

He lifted his long leg and gave a kick.

His movement was chic. Even the curvature of his kick was elegant.


Following her pitiful scream, severe pain could be felt on Qiao Yuans right leg. She knelt down in front of Lin Wanwan in a sorry state. Lin Wanwan was so shocked that she immediately retreated.

"Dont. Im not dead yet. I cant handle you kneeling in front of me."

Fu Zhinian said coldly, "Get lost!"

Qiao Yuan was in so much pain that tears were in her eyes. She couldnt say anything at all.

However, that tall womans face sank and she used English to say, "Indeed, the men in Xia country are just a bunch of ungentlemanly hooligans. They are like goat meat not presentable."

One should look at the owner before hitting a dog.

Qiao Yuan was not only her intern assistant but was also her distant cousin. Hitting Qiao Yuan was equivalent to hitting her.

Fu Zhinian used Mandarin Chinese to reply, "A person who loves to insult others will often be insulted."

Lin Wanwan, who was standing by the side, saw that that womans face had turned ugly. She knew that she understood Fu Zhinians Chinese.

"I thought this Miss looked familiar. Do we know each other?"

The woman had not yet answered when her assistant and makeup artist, who was surrounding her, immediately sneered.

"Youre a Xia country bumpkin. How would you know our Vivian? Vivians an internationally renowned supermodel. She was even the runner-up of the Paris Show last year!"

"She doesnt even know how to speak English. What are you explaining so much to her for? Can she understand you?"

"Vivian, youre an international model. Dont stoop to her level. That will just lower your style."

As she was being praised to the skies, Vivians look softened. "Forget it, lets go."

She lifted her chin and looked like a peacock that had spread its tail. She snorted coldly at Lin Wanwan. "I dont know whats wrong with the organizing committee. They actually planned to hold such an important model show Angel City in Xia country. This place is terrible. Everyone here irritates me."

Every word of hers was looking down on Xia country. Lin Wanwan could no longer tolerate it.

Even if she had to chase the enemy for a hundred miles, she would surely kill whoever dared to insult her country!

"Ms. Vivian, judging from your looks, you should be from Xia country as well, right?"

Vivian looked like a cat that had her tail stepped on. She cursed and said, "Ive already migrated to Country M!"

"That cant change the fact that you were born in Xia country. Its ok to forget your roots. However, did your American father teach you to be sarcastic and mean and to not understand etiquette? We, the people from Xia country, should be thankful to them for picking up such low-quality citizens. Youre not fit to be someone from Xia country!"

Lin Wanwans every word was like a needle that pierced the other partys pain point.

Clap, clap, clap. A round of applause sounded.

"Young lady, well said!"

Lin Wanwan followed the sound and saw a kind elderly man. His eyes didnt hide the appreciation he had for her.

Lu Zhanbei, who was hidden at the corner, raised his eyebrows.

Lin Wanwan waved her hand. "Everyones responsible for teaching low-quality citizens."

The old man smiled even more happily. "Ok, please continue, then."

Vivian was so angry that her face became crooked.

She couldnt wait to scratch Lin Wanwans hateful face. However, she pretended to be someone superior and glared fiercely at the assistant next to her.

"Tell Vincent that if anyone from Xia country finds me for any collaboration in the future, he is to reject all of them!"