Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 896

Chapter 896 Forcing A Kiss In Public

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Lin Wanwan laughed. "Do you really think youre the only model in this world? If you look down on Xia country, dont come over to Xia country to earn money if you can afford that."

Vivian was so angry that her face turned black.

Finally, under her assistants persuasion, she reluctantly held back the urge to teach Lin Wanwan a lesson.

"Wait and see!"

She would hire someone to check on this womans background soon and let her taste the consequences of angering her!

The others saw Vivian moving forward and immediately followed up.

Suddenly, Vivian stopped in her tracks. She immediately revealed a sickeningly sweet expression on her face. Even her angry footsteps became a flirtatious catwalk as she stepped forward.

"May I ask are you Dongchens CEO, Mr. Lu?"

Lin Wanwan laughed. Didnt she detest Xia country? Why was she speaking such fluent Chinese now?

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips, showing a deadly seductiveness. "Do we know each other?"

Vivians eyes shone. She was excited that she didnt recognize someone wrongly and was happy that such a big shot was actually answering her question.

She reached out and curled her hair, exposing more of her slender white neck.

"Five years ago, I was fortunate to have met you once at a charity ball in Las Vegas. Mr. Lu must have no impression of me. However, one look of Mr. Lu is enough for you to be in my memory forever."

This was outright seduction.

Lin Wanwan half-laughed and said, "Ms. Vivian, this Mr. Lu is from Xia country."

She admired her for hitting herself in the face so quickly.

When Vivian hearing this, her body stiffened and she tried her best to maintain a flawless smile.

"Mr. Lu, I didnt expect us to be so fated. If youre free, I would like to invite you for a drink. I have a bottle of Romanee Conti from 1992. Mr. Lu will love it."

Lin Wanwan gave an exaggerated "wow." "Its Romanee Conti. This costs one or two million dollars. The stakes are high for this seduction. Fu Zhinian, do you think Mr. Lu will give her face?"

"I dont."


"This kind of wine isnt qualified to be in his wine cabinet. Perhaps he might taste the one from 1982."

"Oh, I nearly forgot. Hes the best at pretending."

"" The conversation between the two angered Vivian so much that her body kept trembling.

She was about to explode when she heard Lin Wanwan telling Fu Zhinian, "Im poor so I cant afford a Romanee Conti that costs millions of dollars. However, I would like to try seducing this Mr. Lu as well. Give me your can of beer."

She saw that this woman really walked over with a can of beer that cost less than ten dollars and sent an invitation to Lu Zhanbei.

"May I treat you to a drink?"

"I dont drink wine that isnt qualified to be in my wine cabinet." Lu Zhanbei used Fu Zhinians words.

When Vivian, who was full of disdain, heard these words, she laughed wildly. "Bumpkin, Mr. Lu is the CEO of an international corporation. How would he drink such rubbish? A wild girl like you can only seduce hooligans."

Her sidekicks chimed in as well.

Lin Wanwan pulled out the pull ring. "Then Ill change my method."

She poured a sip of beer directly into her mouth, grabbed Lu Zhanbeis neck, tip-toed, and kissed him.

"!!!" Vivian and the rest immediately widened their eyes.

This woman was insane! She even dared to forcibly kiss Dongchens CEO. She was seeking her own death!

However, to everyones surprise, not only did Mr. Lu not push her away, but he even held her waist with one hand and lowered his head, complementing this kiss.

After a while, Lin Wanwan pushed Lu Zhanbei away and smiled. "Hows the taste of rubbish?"