Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 897

Chapter 897 Its That Simple To Hit Ones Face

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Lu Zhanbei licked the corner of his lips with the tip of his tongue. This action was unexpectedly beautiful.

"I drank it too quickly and didnt taste it well. Why dont we try another mouthful?"

Lin Wanwan ignored him. She looked at Vivian, who was in disbelief. "See that? Mr. Lus not an ordinary man. You cant seduce him using such a routine method. Why dont you try my method as well?"

Vivians heart moved. Could it be that Mr. Lu liked someone who takes the initiative?

Just as she mustered up the courage and was about to take the initiative to kiss him, Lu Zhanbei swept his eyes across her.

This was the first time he was looking at her straight in the eye. However, his gaze was scarily cold.

There was a moment where Vivian even thought that she saw murderous intent in his eyes.

Mr. Lu would rather kiss this villager than to let her get close?

Humiliation arose in Vivians heart. Her heart burned with rage, especially when she saw Lin Wanwans teasing gaze!

"Youre Lin Wanwan?" After seeing Lin Wanwan remove her sunglasses, her sarcasm became shock.

"Should I be honored that Ms. Vivian can recognize me?"

Vivians heart was filled with hatred, but she gave a fake smile and said, "I didnt expect a public figure like Ms. Lin to actually do such an immoral thing. Seducing other men in front of your own boyfriend? Its considered an eyeopener for me today!"

Lin Wanwan didnt say anything. However, Lu Zhanbei laughed lightly and said, "Actually, its very easy to date me."

Vivian jolted to attention. However, the smile on her face only lasted for a second.

"Firstly, she has to be someone from Xia country."

Vivian felt that she was being slapped, and her face was burning with pain.

Lin Wanwan gave Lu Zhanbei a thumbs-up. "A youth whos patriotic. Youre fantastic."

Vivian couldnt tolerate it any longer. Just when she was about to walk away, a beam of light flashed past her mind.

"Ms. Lin, the model show Angel City will take place five days from now. The organizing committee would invite heavyweight guests from the entertainment circle in Xia country to have a friendly match with us.

"This is a big event in the fashion industry. An average celebrity wouldnt be eligible to participate at all. They gave me an invitation card. Since Im so fated with Ms. Lin, Ill give you this card so that you can see the world."

Lin Wanwan received the red invitation Vivian handed over. Before Vivians look, which seemed to say she was giving alms, Lin Wanwan slowly lifted her hands and tore the invitation.

"Ms. Vivian, see you in five days."

After saying this, she walked away gracefully. When she walked past that old man whod spoken before, she didnt forget to throw him a wink.

"The shows over. You should leave too."

The old man felt a little regretful. This young lady had walked away too quickly. He initially still wanted to have a chat with her.

Vivian, who stood at the original spot, frowned because she was puzzled. Her assistant next to her explained in time, "Ah that Lin Wanwan was in the invite list."

Thus, her so-called charity was simply a joke.

Vivian once again felt the burning pain on her face until Qiao Yuan tugged on her sleeve.

"Cousin, we must not let Lin Wanwan off!"

Vivian slapped her hand away in anger. "Youre the troublemaker! Are you lacking love so much at a young age that you cant move a leg when you see a man? If not for you, I wouldnt have embarrassed myself in front of Mr. Lu!"

Qiao Yuan held her arm. She felt indignant but dared not voice it out.

She wasnt qualified to lecture herself at all. Didnt she shamelessly stick to that Mr. Lu when she saw him?

What international model? She was just a vain and materialistic slut!