Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 898

Chapter 898 Men Who Practice Domestic Violence Deserve To Die

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Lu Zhanbei and Fu Zhinian didnt return to the reserved room. Lin Wanwan continued to talk and laugh with her classmates.

The monitor sat over and said, "Wanwan, I created a WeChat group for all the classmates. Join us too. Rest assured we wont leak out your WeChat handle. After all, we were comrades who experienced the great college entrance examination together. We still have this bit of realization."

"Ok." Lin Wanwan swept her gaze over some unfamiliar faces and was in deep thought.

During her high school life, aside from Fu Zhinian, she also had a deep impression of someone else. "Monitor, why isnt Liu Zilin here?"

The monitor sighed. "She got married."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. "So early? I remember shes just half a year older than me. She should have just reached the legal age of marriage."

"She got married two months ago during her twentieth birthday. She even invited me to be her bridesmaid on her wedding day. However, her husband didnt agree to it." As she said this, she sighed. "The last time I saw her was half a month ago. She must not be doing too well."

Lin Wanwan frowned. "Whats wrong?"

"Her husband often abuses her. The last time she came to find me was because her husband wanted her to abort her one-month-old child and asked me to take her to the hospital."

Lin Wanwan clenched her fists so hard that they made cracking sounds.

Men who practice domestic violence deserve to die!

Even a vicious tiger wouldnt eat its own cub. That a*shole was even worse than a beast!

"Monitor, do you have Liu Zilins address? I want to visit her."

The monitor nodded and told her the address. In the end, she sighed. "Liu Zilin will definitely be happy to see you. Even though she doesnt say so explicitly, she has always treated you as her idol in her heart. She has a disc collection of all your movies. She has also watched every episode of your TV dramas. She even bought several styles of jewelry that you have endorsed."

Lin Wanwan listened to her but her mind wasnt into it. "Monitor, I still have something on. Ill get going first."

"Ok. Lets keep in contact via WeChat."

"No problem!"

Lin Wanwan rushed out of the reserved room. Her back view alone was already full of murderous intent.

In the car, Fu Zhinian sat at the passengers seat. He dug out a cigarette, but before he could light it up, Lu Zhanbei took it away.

"Kick off this habit."

Fu Zhinian didnt look at him and dug out another cigarette.

Lu Zhanbei said calmly, "Lin Wanwan hates the smell of cigarettes and people who smoke."

Fu Zhinian stopped. Then, he snorted. "What has that got to do with me?"

He lit up the cigarette and took a light puff. Then, he extinguished it. "This cigarette is damp."

Lu Zhanbei half-laughed and glanced at him.

Fu Zhinian tilted his head and looked outside the window. "Which stage have you and Wanwan progressed to?"

"You should call her sister-in-law."

"You dont deserve her."


"Youre the same as Lu Zhengyu. Stubborn and mad. Wanwan loves her freedom so much. She would feel suffocated being with you."

Lu Zhanbei was silent for a while. Then, he smiled. "Youre right."

He said calmly, "Indeed, I dont deserve her. So what? There are pros and cons to a matter. If its good stubbornness, thats called passion. An appropriate level of madness is also a type of fun. At the very least, both of us are enjoying it."

Fu Zhinians loosened his frowning eyebrows and seemingly said with praise, "Youre much smarter than the old man."

"The former generation has to die on the beach."

Fu Zhinian no longer said anything and looked at the floating clouds in the sky. "I want to transfer schools."

Out of nowhere, hed said this sentence.

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "Where to?"

"The Imperial Capital University of Political Science and Law."