Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 899

Chapter 899 Continue To Hit Her Until She Becomes Obedient

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"You want to go into politics?"

Fu Zhinian pushed open the car door and got off the car. "Ill climb to the top step by step. If you dare to break her heart, Ill use my job to make sure you wash your dirty linen in public and be in prison until you die."

Lu Zhanbei said, "Im your brother. Your birth brother."

"Theres no father and son on the battlefield and no brothers on the love field."

Lu Zhanbei laughed lightly. "Do you think I wont uphold justice and righteousness even at the expense of blood relations?"

"Then do you think that before destroying me, Lin Wanwan wont destroy you first?"

He was speechless.

Lu Zhanbei waved his hand in bad temper. "Get lost. I dont have a brother who sides with outsiders like you."

Fu Zhinian walked away without hesitation.

Looking at his back view, Lu Zhanbei suddenly laughed lowly.

At this moment, the car door was pulled open. A girl rushed in.

"Lu Zhanbei, start driving!"

Lu Zhanbei started the car and looked at her. "In a rush to kill someone?"

Lin Wanwan said sinisterly, "Im going to kill that damned bastard today. Nobody is to stop me!"

It was rare for Lu Zhanbei to see that she was really angered.

Half an hour later, the car arrived in a wealthy area. The villas were close to each other and had similar architectural styles.

"Its this building."

Lin Wanwan got off the car and heard the sound of footsteps from the villas garden. "There are ten weak bodyguards inside."

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow slightly. "Xing Si has taught you well."

"Thats because Im gifted." Lin Wanwan took a few steps back and did a run-up. Using this momentum, her body was like an agile cheetah as she stepped on the wall and went straight over it.

Both her feet landed on the grass and she advanced quickly.

With the darkness of the night acting as a cover, Lin Wanwan entered the house through the open window on the first floor without alarming any bodyguards.

Miraculously, there was no servant in the villa. It was scarily quiet.

Could it be that Liu Zilin and her bastard husband werent home?

Since there was nothing to be found on the first floor, Lin Wanwan went to the second floor.

Finally, in front of a bedroom, she stopped in her tracks.

Even if the room had strong insulation, Lin Wanwan could still faintly hear a series of moans.

They came from a woman. It seemed to be of pain and pleasure.

Lin Wanwan tentatively pushed open the door.

The door wasnt locked and she pushed it open to a thin gap.

Lin Wanwan took a glance through this gap and her face turned cold.

In the luxurious bedroom, there were images of sensual pleasures.

There were three naked girls tied up with red ropes and in weird positions. Balls were stuffed in their mouths, and their pretty faces were slightly twisted with pain and pleasure.

The man used a spiked club to pat one of their faces, and there was a disgusting grin at the corner of his mouth.

"Sluts, do you feel good?"


"Are you our bitches?"


"What an obedient bitch."

At this moment, a sinister male voice traveled from the corner. "However, this bitch isnt obedient and is deserving of a beating!"


A whip landed. The woman who was tied to the bed let out a groan of pain.

Her resentful gaze swept past the four men in the house. She said in a pitiful voice, "Zheng Hao, if you dont kill me today, Ill tear you into pieces sooner or later!"

After hearing this, a slightly plump man looked at Zheng Hao, who was next to him and had a somber expression. "Brother Hao, your wifes too stubborn, unlike mine. After trying it once, she has obediently accepted this type of game."

"Continue to hit her until she becomes obedient!"

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The whip landed again and again. There were more bloodstains on Liu Zilins body, which was already full of whip scars.

However, she gritted her teeth and never compromised or begged for mercy. She stared at these people fixedly with a pair of resentful eyes.

She wanted to remember their faces well!

One of these days she would let these beasts die a horrible death!