Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Lin Wanwan.. Thank You And Goodbye

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Tao Xinyue was stunned. When she tried to take a closer look again, Lin Wanwan was already far gone.

Was that an illusion?

“Treat Wanwan better next time.”

Lin Qinghao’s voice broke through her thoughts.

“She is my biological daughter after all.”

Tao Xinyue instinctively wanted to rebut his words but immediately changed her mind.

“Qinghao, you treated Lin Wanwan’s mother so well in the past, but she eventually abandoned her daughter and left. Such a heartless woman, how would her daughter turn out to be any good? She became a fool at the age of six, which meant that even God could not be bothered with her! If not for you, Old Master, I would never have raised this illegitimate daughter!”

Indeed, Lin Qinghao’s expression worsened. He said coldly, “Do not bring up things from the past anymore!”

“Yes, Old Master. Goodbye and take care.”

As she watched him stride away, Tao Xinyue glanced at the direction of the stairs once again and revealed an evil smile.

She could easily manipulate Lin Wanwan not only because she was a fool.

Even if she was a normal human being, tormenting her was no more difficult than tormenting an ant!

At this point in time, Lin Wanwan was also recalling her memories.

The original owner’s birth mother was one of the Lin family’s servants, who was very beautiful. Lin Qinghao became her lover, and they gave life to the original owner.

When Lin Wanwan was five, her mother left without any warning and disappeared from this world since then.

Lin Qinghao searched for her for a long time but could not find her. In a fit of anger, he started to be infuriated with Lin Wanwan.

Later, because of that incident, her IQ always remained as that of a six-year-old, and she was all the more not to be seen by the public.

It was ridiculous that Lin Wanwan had no other choice right now but to temporarily rely on this a*shole of a father.

At the very least, he was the only one in the Lin family who would not try to harm her.

Lin Wanwan stood up and circled around the 20-square-meter room. She rubbed at the frown in between her eyebrows and tried not to think about the properties and famous cars she owned in her previous life.

“Forget it, I shall take a shower first and then sleep.”

At least there was a separate washroom here. Thinking about this, she was satisfied.

Standing under the shower head, Lin Wanwan enjoyed the warm bath. As she stroked her arms, she discovered that there were not only some old scars but also a small pinhole.

That would have been left by Tao Xinyue when she injected the unknown medicine into her body.

It looked like it was time for her to pay a visit to the hospital for a medical examination.

After changing into her nightdress and tucking into a blanket, she fell asleep very quickly.

She had a dream.

In the dream, a six-year-old girl hugged a rabbit doll which was missing a ear. She smiled sweetly at her and waved.

She slowly walked forward, her figure becoming smaller and smaller until it eventually disappeared into the dark.

After waking up, Lin Wanwan stared blankly at the white ceiling. A tear fell from the corner of her eye.

“Lin Wanwan”

She sat up and found the rabbit doll from the closet. She hugged it tightly.

“Thank you and goodbye.”

From today onwards, Lin Xiao will be Lin Wanwan!

As long as she stayed in this body, she would lead a good life for the girl!

What others owed her, she would make sure that they return it a hundred times!

Since the original owner fried her brains when she was six, the Lin family never arranged for her to go to school again.

Besides being poked fun at and despised by everyone, she was also ordered like a servant by Tao Xinyue every day she was at home.

The Lin Wanwan now would no longer be a punching bag. She casually changed into a simple white dress and left the bedroom.

“Second Miss.”

The warning that Lin Qinghao sent out yesterday was still fresh in their minds. Even though the servants were disdainful, they had no choice but to greet her respectfully.