Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 90

Chapter 90 What Goes Around Comes Around 3

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“Ms. Lin, even if even if you didn’t take drugs, that doesn’t mean that Mrs. Lin injected drugs into you. Don’t you have a conscience, bribing the Lin family’s servant to malign your own mother? Even if you have some issues with your IQ and this wasn’t your idea, you can’t just let the team behind you take the lead, without differentiating right from wrong!”


Lin Wanwan nearly laughed out loud.

Team? She had a damn team? These people just didn’t believe that she was completely sober. They thought that her normal words and actions were manipulated by others.

Malign? The eyewitnesses were already here, and he still wanted to fight on? Must she get Tao Xinyue to come over and have a direct confrontation?


At this moment, a few cars drove over and attracted everyone’s attention.

A Rolls-Royce led the pack. With the sound of the brakes, over ten men dressed in black suits alighted from the black sedans behind. The cars were lined up and blocked the RV, erecting a cordon area.

“Who is this big shot? He certainly puts on quite a show.”

“This is a limited edition from the God series. There’s only three in this world. One is with the President of Rolls-Royce, one is in Y royal family’s collection, and another was bought by a person surnamed Lu in Xia country.”

“Could this be the legendary Mr. Lu?”


A loud sound of cool air could be heard at the scene.

Lin Wanwan could recognize this car too. Was Lu Zhanbei here to give her support?

Lu Zhanbei did not intend to alight from the car. Through the car window, he saw Lin Wanwan blow him a kiss from the stage while everyone else was not paying attention. Her touched look made his lips curve up slightly.

“It’s your turn now.”


Tao Xinyue’s hair was messy. The branded apparel she wore were also torn and in a mess. It was obvious she had been violently abducted.

She shivered and shrank in a corner of the car, having long lost her usual arrogance.

“I don’t want to if I really admit to it, I’m finished Mr. Lu, please”

Lu Zhanbei did not change his expression. His eyes flashed a hint of a smile. It was difficult to get close to him when he was so superior.

“One, you alight from the car and take responsibility for your own actions. Two, the Tao family will go down together with you. The choice is yours.”

Tao Xinyue saw Lu Zhanbei’s slight smile and shivered even more. “No, I don’t”

Lu Zhanbei did not look at her again. He pushed open the door and his long leg kicked her out ungentlemanly.


Everyone only saw a woman being kicked out like a dog. She rolled on the ground a few times before coming to a stop.

“This is Mrs. Lin?” Someone shouted in surprise.

Tao Xinyue?

Lin Wanwan got down from the stage and slowly walked towards Tao Xinyue. She reached out a hand. “Missus, is it painful? Let Wanwan help you up.”

“Go away!”

Tao Xinyue had been a lady half her life. To make an appearance in such a sorry state, she was furious and embarrassed. She slapped Lin Wanwan’s hand away, her veins bursting, and shouted!

“You damned thing! You’re making so much trouble even though you’re already just a fool! Had I known you would harm me, I would have strangled you to death back then! I’m so angry! Ah!”

Hearing these vicious words, everyone frowned.

Lin Wanwan smiled a sad smile.

“Actually, I could not wait to be strangled to death too. If not for Missus, I wouldn’t have a fever and get a headache. The headache was so bad that I wished I was dead, and there wasn’t any doctor to save me”

It’s show time!

Regardless of whether or not the rest thought she was a fool, she was going to let Tao Xinyue have a hard time this time!