Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 900

Chapter 900 No One Could Run Away

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"Brother Hao, I cant do this anymore. Im so tired. Your wifes too stubborn. What should we do?"

Zheng Hao laughed sinisterly. "Since this slut isnt willing to be obedient, lets all go for her and take a video of her being played. If she dares to leak this matter out, Ill let everyone in this world appreciate her body!"

"Haha, this is a great idea."

"Ill go first!"


Disgusting faces approached Liu Zilin bit by bit. She ignored the pain all over and started to struggle wildly. Her limbs were full of wounds and blood due to the friction from the ropes.

"A bunch of heartless beasts. There will be retribution for all of you. Ah get lost. Get lost!"

Lin Wanwan could not watch this any longer.

The blood in her body was boiling. The intention to kill in her heart was stronger than ever before.

She dug out a piece of cloth used during training from her pockets. She used it to cover her eyes as she didnt want to look at this dirty sight.

The darkness no longer brought about uneasiness but, instead, the confidence that everything was under control.


Lin Wanwan kicked the door open. Her body turned into a flash of lightning as she rushed past.

"Who is that?!"

The person who climbed onto the bed heard the loud noise of the door being kicked open. He turned back due to his conditioned reflexes but felt only that a black shadow had flashed past him. His chest was hit with a heavy blow and his body flew out involuntarily. In the end, he hit the wall, vomited blood, and fell into a coma.

The other three who were picking their tools were immediately frightened. After they recovered themselves, they rushed toward Lin Wanwan.

After she gave a powerful side kick, a person flew in the air.

A right uppercut knocked the plump man who was hollowed by alcohol and women unconscious.

The last was Zheng Hao.

Lin Wanwan controlled her strength well and punched him in the face. While he was dizzy, she pulled his collar and brought him to the bed. She kicked his knee heavily.


Following the sound of bones breaking, Zheng Hao let out an ear-piercing and pitiful scream and knelt next to the bed.

All of these happened too quickly. No one could respond in time.

Liu Zilin looked at all of these actions in a daze

Lin Wanwan untied the ropes on her body.

Liu Zilin was liberated. She was like a wild beast as she pounced toward Zheng Hao.

As her body was too weak and shed suffered serious injuries, she fell down halfway but got back up immediately. She hit Zheng Hao without any hesitation, and Zheng Hao rolled around on the ground in pain.

She was about to bite him when Lin Wanwan picked her up and carried her to the bed.

"Dont be anxious."

Liu Zilin couldnt listen to her words at all. Two pieces of clothing was thrown over.

Lin Wanwans cold voice sounded. "Liu Zilin, remember this. A woman should be dignified and noble at all times. Put on your clothes first. I guarantee you that none of these bastards can run away!"

Liu Zilin bit her lip and quickly got dressed, covering her bruised body.

Lin Wanwan nodded in satisfaction. "You can start now."

Liu Zilin glanced at Zheng Hao and clenched her fists. "I want to kill all of them. However, all of them come from powerful backgrounds. To exchange my life for four of their lives, I find it very worthwhile. However, I cant implicate you."

Lin Wanwan held up a finger and shook it.

"Dont worry. You wont implicate me. Will killing them really make up for the pain in your heart? Compared to death, isnt the feeling of them wishing they were dead better?"

"Then what should I do?"

Lin Wanwan handed over the Swiss army knife that she carried around. "You understand."

Liu Zilin received the knife over and walked toward Zheng Hao step by step. Then, she squatted down.