Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 901

Chapter 901 Hand Raised Knife Down

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Zheng Hao used his hands to cover his bloody face. He looked at her cold face and was so frightened that he kept trembling. "Zilin Sorry, I was wrong. I wont dare to force you again. Spare me. We are husband and wife!"

The sharp blade was pressed against the side of the face that was still in perfect condition.

"Whos the dog?"

"Im the dog. Woof"

"Whos the slut?"

"I, I am the slut."

Liu Zilin seemed to be satisfied with his answer and moved the army knife away a little.

The next second, before Zheng Hao could heave a sigh of relief, he felt pain in his cheek as his facial muscles were cut open. He instinctively wanted to struggle, but his chest was being trampled by a seven-centimeter-high heel and he couldnt move.

Not too long later, the word "bitch" appeared on Zheng Haos face.

"Were not finished yet."

Liu Zilin spread out her fingers and slowly grabbed his penis.

"You used this disgusting thing to hurt me."


Hand raised, knife down!

Zheng Hao screamed pitifully and fainted due to the pain.

Next, Liu Zilin went to the other three men.

A minute later, there were three more eunuchs in this world.

Lin Wanwan sighed. That was why the saying goes dont ever underestimate a woman. When a woman becomes ruthless, she would never lose to a man.

Liu Zilin threw the knife away. A relaxed smile appeared on her haggard face, then her weak body fell limp to the ground.

Lin Wanwan first released the three women who were tied up. Then, she helped Liu Zilin up and left quickly, with no intention to clean up the aftermath.

As she left the villa, she was shocked by the scene in the garden.

"Damn! What is this situation?!"

In the empty clearing, bodyguards were piled on top of one another, forming a small mountain. Lu Zhanbei sat at the top leisurely and held a cigarette in his mouth.

The bright moonlight reflected his cold profile, and that distant feeling was innate.

When did he knock these people down?

She actually didnt realize it at all.

Lin Wanwan walked over unhappily and kicked Lu Zhanbeis human seat.

Why are you pretending for?!

This kick dispersed the human seat. Thankfully, Lu Zhanbei had jumped down first. He looked into her angry eyes and removed the cigarette from his mouth.

"I didnt smoke."

At least he was sensible!

Lin Wanwan sent Liu Zilin to the city hospital and helped her with the admission procedures. She was about to leave when she heard her say, "Can you stay?"

Lin Wanwan saw that Liu Zilin was staring fixedly at Lu Zhanbei and didnt feel good in her heart.

She was the heroine who saved the damsel in distress. Why was Lu Zhanbei the person she wanted to devote her life to instead?

"Mr. Lu, what do you think?"


Liu Zilin unclenched the hand that was clinging on to Lin Wanwan and a trace of water appeared in her eyes.

Lin Wanwan thought of her pitiful encounter and became soft-hearted. "Lu Zhanbei, why dont you counsel her for a while? Ill wait for you outside the door."

"No!" Liu Zilin let out in sharp refusal.

She looked up at Lin Wanwan like a drowning person who just saw driftwood.

Lin Wanwan seemed to have understood something as she asked tentatively, "You wanted me to stay and accompany you?"

Liu Zilin replied with a low "yes."


Lin Wanwan eventually lost to Liu Zilins begging gaze. "Lu Zhanbei, Zilin and I were classmates, after all. I cant be that inhumane. You head back first. Anyway, Im living in the condominium right now and thats not in the same direction youre going."

Lu Zhanbeis phoenixes turned cold and he didnt say anything.

Lin Wanwan smiled apologetically. "Please. I promise itll only be this once!"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her. Then, he turned around and left.

Why did she feel that he had such a wronged look