Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 902

Chapter 902 I Am The Beam Of Light

Chapter 902: I Am the Beam of Light

As Lin Wanwan was mumbling to herself, she felt someone hold her hands.

"Lin Wanwan, thanks."

Liu Zilin looked sincere and relieved as if all the thorns entangling her body had been removed all at once.

"Thank you for coming to save me despite our past, bringing me out of living hell, and even giving me the chance to take revenge. However I dont know how I can return the favor."

Lin Wanwan knew very well that she hated being in debt. "Well, nothing comes without a cost."

"Ill give you whatever I have."

"Im missing an assistant, come and work for me."

Liu Zilin froze; she didnt know what to say.

After doing what shed done, she could no longer go back to the Liu family. There seemed to be nowhere for her to go, no place for her to stay.

Lin Wanwan used a humane way to provide her with what she needed without hurting her pride.

Her idol

Was a great person, after all.


"Just saying, Im not paying you anything other than three meals a day." Lin Wanwan sounded like a stingy boss.


"Also, Im not going easy on you, so get ready to work as a slave."


"Also, you have to forget about the dark past and welcome the bright future. I am the beam of light shining down upon you."

Liu Zilin, who was about to reply as per normal, chocked up for a minute before burying her head in Lin Wanwans shoulders and sobbing away.


Lin Wanwan set her down on the hospital bed. "You just got your medicine applied and need some rest. Dont worry, Ill be here with you."

To Liu Zilin, Lin Wanwan was the savior of her life.

As long as Lin Wanwan was around, she felt a sense of security.

Lin Wanwan kept her promise and stayed by her side through the night.

The next day, as Lin Wanwan was on her way to get her a bowl of porridge, she received a call from Lu Zhanbei.

"Where are you now?"

His tone was nowhere close to being friendly, so Lin Wanwan pulled out an excuse. "Im filming right now."

"Are you sure?"

"If Im lying to you, I will let you have it your way every time til your kidney fails."

Lu Zhanbei paused for a while before Lin Wanwan heard a familiar voice from a distance across the phone.

"Why is Wanwan still not here? Weve done all the preparation for her scenes!"

"" Lin Wanwans face went bitter.

Lu Zhanbei: "Ill be waiting tonight."

Lin Wanwan straightened her face. "Fine, I admit that Im still at the hospital. Im going to the shoot now, and Ill be back at night."

Lu Zhanbeis voice sank. "Back to the hospital?"

"Liu Zilins not in her right mind for now; she even cried last night. Im afraid that she would take her own life."


Lin Wanwan waited for Lu Zhanbeis reply momentarily before running out of patience. "Lu Zhanbei, what are you doing?"

"Did you hear that?"


"Me, crying."

"" Does he have to be that childish!?

"Lin Wanwan, what happens if I take my own life?"

Mr. Lu was at the peak of his attention-seeking career.

"You win this time. See you tonight."

The moment he got the result he wanted, Lu Zhanbei cut the call. Lin Wanwan didnt even get the chance to say goodbye. What a high-maintenance guy!

Lin Wanwan got back to the ward and told Liu Zilin that she had to go.

The latter nodded without hesitation. Although she was still worn out, her mind seemed to be in a better state.

"Take care of yourself. I want my assistant to be healthy at all times."

"No problem."

Liu Zilin watched Lin Wanwan leave as her eyes sparkled with determination.