Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Badger Game

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Lin Wanwan rushed to the shoot and focused on filming after receiving a scolding from the director.

During the break, she dialed Si Hans number.

"Si Dada, please hold on to the Angel City fashion shows invitation for me. Im attending it."

"Too late, Ive already torn it."

"Are the pieces still around? Help me stick them back together, please."

"Theyre in the bin, come and do it yourself."

Lin Wanwan wanted to slap herself in the face.

Its too late to regret her rash words.

"Fine, see you later."

After work, Lin Wanwan made her way to the manor.

Si Han passed a trash bin over. "Look for them yourself."

Lin Wanwan found herself a pair of gloves and started searching.

Fortunately for her, it was easy as there were only a few pieces of scraps in the bin.

Lin Wanwan carefully pieced the invitation together and brought it back to the Yun Mansion.

The front gate was shut, and no one answered the door even though she spammed the doorbell.

Tsk, was Lu Zhanbei trying to assert his dominance?

Lin Wanwan studied the courtyard walls and smirked. A short run-up and she swiftly hopped over the walls.

Before she could come to a standstill, a dozen bodyguards surrounded her.

"Excuse us, Madam."

The bodyguards bowed before launching themselves at Lin Wanwan.

A few blows were exchanged, and Lin Wanwan realized that these guards were well-trained.

Weeks ago, it would have been an even fight. However, after the intense training, she had brought her attributes levels above those of her old self. Although it still took some time, she managed to beat them.

Catching the last guy by his collar, she asked, "Do you admit defeat?"

"I do!"

Their faces spoke otherwise. It was sure shameful to lose to a girl like Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan dusted her hands as she tried to comfort them. "Dont act all dejected. Even Lu Zhanbei loses to me all the time."

Everyone looked at one another.

Lin Wanwan raised her brows. "You guys dont believe me, do you?"

The guys nodded their heads.

They had seen Lu Zhanbeis combat skills. Even a foreign ex-commando couldnt survive one single move from Mr. Lu.

Madam Lin was sure strong, but there was no way that she could match Mr. Lu.

"Just get ready for the show!"

Lin Wanwan entered the mansion with her voice lingering behind.

The door squeaked open. She glanced at Lu Zhanbei, who was reading on the bed, and started undressing right away.

As she undressed, she strolled toward the French window.

When all thats left was her lingerie, she pulled the curtains close.

A shadow dashed toward her from behind and her hands were locked in his.


"Shh, dont you say a word."

Lin Wanwan wrapped her arm around his neck. Tip-toeing, she tapped his lips with hers. "I fought my way through thorns and spines to get to you. Dont you want to make me yours? Lets do it here for the thrill."

Her petite body twisted and twirled in his arms, grinding his last bit of sanity.

Lu Zhanbei had no reason to turn down such an inviting offer.

In a flash, he took charge and pressed Lin Wanwan against the window.

Just then, Lin Wanwan made a swift turn and shoved Lu Zhanbei out with all her strength.

Caught by surprise, Lu Zhanbei was driven all the way over the balcony. It was too late to do anything. He landed on the grass patch below and took three steps back from the inertia.