Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 905

Chapter 905 Get Her Out Of Here

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Hearing her introduction, Lin Wanwan realized why she was so familiar-looking.

She was a model worthy of the name. Countless men had fallen for her beauty, and one like Vivian was no match for her.

"Shen, who is she? Is she your new girlfriend?"

Lin Wanwan sensed a hint of jealousy from her tone and hurried to clear her name. "Ms. Elsa, I think that you misunderstand. I am just a friend of hers, and Im here because I would like to learn ways to become an excellent model."

"I see."

Elsa studied Lin Wanwan for a brief moment.

"Your looks and body shape have no problem. There is a tip that I can give you. Its one that is simple on paper, but less than one percent of the models out there can achieve it."

"What is it?"


Lin Wanwan didnt seem to quite get her, so Elsa continued, "Your expression, your walk, and your natural elegance have to match with the style that you are wearing."

Lin Wanwan was lost in thoughts.

Despite Elsas effort to stay on the call, Shen Zhiyi ended it after showing her appreciation.

"Zhiyi, thank you. I think I get it now."

"Cheers! It will be a waste selling my charms if you end up losing."

"" When the hell did she sell her charms

Before Lin Wanwan could say anything, Shen Zhiyi gave her a light kiss on the back of her hand.

"Bye, Ill head back to the hospital."

Lin Wanwan didnt know if she should laugh or cry.

Angel City was an acclaimed international fashion show that had always been under the spotlight. When it was announced that it would be held in Xia Country, fans from around the world swarmed over, making the nation a travel hot spot.

That very morning, Lin Wanwan arrived at the location of the event.

The VIP entrance for models had cordons set up.

"Miss, please present your invitation card."

Lin Wanwan handed over the one taped together.

The security guard frowned upon seeing it.

Before he could speak, a familiar voice came from behind. "What happened to that invitation card? Lin Wanwan, could it be that you were not invited but picked up someones dumped card and pieced it together? You are truly shameless, arent you?"

Of course, it was Vivian lying through her teeth.

"Even if the card belongs to you, tearing it clearly displays what your attitude towards our holy show is like. It must be a common trait from one from Xia Country to be disrespectful."

Her words generated waves of discussion among the crowd.

The local workers were put in an awkward spot while those from aboard showed their disdain.

"Angel City is like a dream come true for models like us. How dare she treat it like this? She could have just rejected the invitation. There is no point in doing something so immoral!"

"Maybe Vivians right, the invitation must not have belonged to her. Ones like her do not deserve to attend the show!"

"Security, get her out of here!"

Vivians words had drawn anger from the crowd against Lin Wanwan.

She was indeed at fault to a certain extent. If it werent for her rash decision to reject the event and accept the challenge, she wouldnt have been put in such a tight spot.


A piercing screech cut through the air, drawing everyones attention.

From the blue Ferrari came a young man with a pair of peach eyes. His perfect facial features and fit build were charming even in the eyes of foreign models.