Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 906

Chapter 906 It Was Clearly Intentional

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Some in the crowded exclaimed.

"Mr. Tang?"

Tang Chen quickly spotted Lin Wanwan and threw her a wink.

"Who is Mr. Tang? He looks hotter than the top stars in our country. If only I can go on a date with him!"

"I bet his proportions are better than those of that famous model, James!"

"Cant believe that there are such hot guys in Xia country. Oh my god, I think he just looked at me!"

As the daring girls from across the globe were preparing their lines to pick Tang Chen up, the security came over with a toady grin.

"Mr. Tang, you are part of the organizers, what brought you to this entrance?"

His words made Tang Chen more tempting for the models, including Vivian.

Not only was Mr. Tangs looks almost perfect, but he was also a powerful man.

Tang Chen had on his classic smirk. "Arent you neglecting your job?"

The guard asked carefully, "Please present your invitation card?"

"Thats more like it."

Tang Chen took out the bright red card from his pocket. However, as the guard was about to take it from him, he tore it into countless pieces in a split second.

"Oops, my fingers slipped a little. What do I do now?"

It was clearly intentional!

The guard dared not show a hint of annoyance. Instead, he had to make sure Tang Chen was satisfied. "Dont worry about it. I have the guest list, and Mr. Tang is in it. The invitation card wouldnt matter at all."

"Thats great."

Tang Chen nodded as he walked right past him.

"Lin Wanwan, stop daydreaming over there. Staying around you seems to have made me just as clumsy."

Lin Wanwan followed after him.

The expression on the guard was quite a show.

He finally understood why Mr. Tangs fingers had "slipped."

"Whats going on?"

There was a commotion among the crowd, and he had to make a statement.

"Lin Wanwans name is on the list, which means she has accidentally torn the invitation. Im sure Ms. Vivian has seen the list too, so she can prove me right."

He hated Vivian for picking on Lin Wanwan. If it werent for Vivian, he wouldnt have to go through all this.

Vivian felt the looks from the models, and she didnt know where to put her hands.

Damn it!

Why was it that bad things happen whenever she met up with Lin Wanwan?

First, it was with the CEO of Dongchen, then with Mr. Tang of the mysterious background. This woman was sure good at seducing men!

The locals who knew the relationship between Lin Wanwan and Tang Chen were having the gossip of their lives.

"Tang Chen would be an amazing boyfriend! What he did not only bailed Lin Wanwan out; it also taught those bastards a tough lesson!"

"Ah I think Im in love with Tang Chen again!"

"If only he were Wanwans boyfriend, they would be such a great match."

Erm Lu Zhanbeis position was at risk once more.

Lin Wanwan giggled. "Tang Chen, thanks for the help again. Guess I have no choice but to pledge myself to you."

Tang Chen felt his heart race for a second before regaining his composure. "If you make such a joke again, I might cancel your right to attend this event."

Lin Wanwan surrendered. "My bad."

Guess it was really a joke

Sensing the disappointment in his eyes, Lin Wanwan finally realized that some jokes meant more than she imagined.