Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 907

Chapter 907 Unforeseen Situation

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"Tang Chen, Im like a crooked tree and Lu Zhanbeis hanging on my branch. If I add another person, the tree will break for sure."

"You might consider changing the person."

Before Lin Wanwan could reply, he quickly diverted her attention. "Heres the backstage, go ahead. I should be at the main stage."

It was a complicated feeling she had in her heart as she watched him stomp away.

Well-known models from around the world worked in an organized manner: picking their clothes, getting their makeup done, and trying out their shoes. The faces buzzing around were pleasing to the eyes.

The friendly competition between the models and the entertainers would be at the very end. Lin Wanwan found a familiar face as she wondered around out of boredom.

"Lian Qi."

Lian Qi, who was looking at her phone, gave Lin Wanwan a broad smile. "You are here too."

"Yep. Didnt think you would be interested in this."

"Not at all, my manager forced me here."

The show was under the spotlight these days, and even just appearing in it would benefit her popularity.

"How about we go and take a look around since we have nothing to do anyway?"

Lin Wanwan nodded. The pair made their way to the runway and studied it from behind the stage.

The runway cut through the entire hall, and invited reporters surrounded it. Fans who bought tickets could watch only from a distance away.

The seats for the judges were elevated into the air.

The lights were dimmed to match the galactic theme, and it looked straight out of a fantasy.

Lian Qi: "The first round would be showcasing branded clothing, to be done by the exclusive models working for Angel City."

"Do you know whos here from our line of work?"

"Just five of us. Theres Liu Wenwen, who debuted as a model. Gao Siyun, a loud drama queen, and a newbie, Chu Miao, who seems to have a mysterious background."

Although the five of them werent at the top of the industry, they had the looks qualified to be here.

"Here it goes."

The first batch of models showcased the new products from Chanel. Vivian was the first in line.

Starting off such an important event showed her status in the industry.

She wore an onyx retro long dress with a high cut, and the laced edges crossed at her ankle, highlighting her slender legs. A smooth turn had its hemline fluttering to and fro. Her steps were firm, and her presentation was neat and defined. The skills she displayed was undoubtedly worthy of her title.

Lian Qi gave her praises. "Pretty good."

Lin Wanwan was lost in thoughts.

She had been studying the aura that Elsa talked about. Without professional help, she couldnt quite gauge where she stood.

The pair returned to the resting room prepared for the entertainers. Liu Wenwen and the rest were putting on makeup, and they didnt bat an eye at Lin Wanwan and Lian Qis entrance.

In their circle, there was rarely true friendship among actresses.

All the stylists were working on the three of them, so Lin Wanwan had to sit by and wait for her turn.

Soon after, the door was pushed open.

The managed popped his head through the door and snapped his fingers to draw attention from everyone.

"Forty minutes to the friendly match. Get your makeup done and change into your clothes. Ill bring you to the runway."

Lin Wanwans expression changed as she called the manager.

"Excuse me, may I check if the clothing was to be brought by ourselves?"