Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 908

Chapter 908 Where Did This Hobo Come From?

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The manager was shocked. “Yes. Didn’t you receive the notice? Three days ago, the organizing committee sent out a notice to all the celebrities who’ll be participating in the friendly match. The last segment has no restrictions on clothing. As long as you are willing, you can even go out in your lingerie.”

The theme of the friendly match was to use clothing to make the model stand out, not relying on the model to make the clothing stand out.

Lin Wanwan shook her head. She understood in her heart that someone deliberately prevented her from receiving this piece of news.


As if in response to her guess, Vivian walked out from the dressing room next door. She still had heavy makeup on her face from the previous catwalk.

“Eh? Ms. Lin didn’t prepare her own clothes? It’s a pity we have already displayed all the clothes that the brand has provided. The manager can find her some casual outfit, then. Anyway, based on Ms. Lin’s qualifications, it’s just a formality that she’s here today. There’s no need for her to be so serious!”

Lin Wanwan laughed coldly in her heart. Even if the quality of her catwalk and Vivian’s were equally matched, it was clear at a glance who would win if one was fully prepared and the other just casually wore an outfit on stage.

“Ms. Vivian, no matter how well a chicken dresses up, it can’t hide the fact that she’s just a chicken. Even if a swan became an ugly duckling, she could still work hard to fly high into the sky. Understand?”

Lian Qi was not stingy with her applause. She started clapping loudly.

Vivian was so angry, her face turned green. “Who are you calling a chicken?!”

“Whoever responded to me.”


“Ms. Lin!”

Hearing her name, Lin Wanwan turned and was instantly stunned.

A man wearing a dirty laborer’s clothes could be seen running over. His face was full of dust, as if he had just moved bricks from a construction site. In his hands was a delicate gift box that didn’t match his look.

“Where did this hobo come from? How smelly!”

“Why did the security guard let him in? He’s covered in mud. How disgusting!”

“What’s his relationship with Lin Wanwan?”

The man ignored the whisperings and ran toward Lin Wanwan. “Sir knows you didn’t bring any clothes and got me to bring this over for you.”

Beibei should change his name to “Timely Rain” already.

“However, Gu Mo, why are you dressed like this?”

Gu Mo explained in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “It’s a long story. I offended Sir and he initially wanted to send me to Africa to mine. After I offered my humble apologies, he finally took back his orders and got me to experience the life of a construction worker.”

“” How ruthless!

“Ms. Lin, I’ll get going first.”

“Thanks for the trouble. Bye.”

Once Gu Mo left, Lian Qi leaned over and glanced at the gift box in her hand. “Your boyfriend gave this to you?”



Suddenly, Vivian laughed wildly and taunted, “I didn’t expect your boyfriend to come from such a ‘strong’ background. He wouldn’t happen to be a contractor from a construction site, right? Or perhaps a certain coal mine owner? Hahaha. What a joke.”

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrow. If Vivian knew that that coal mine owner was the Mr. Lu she tried to seduce a few days ago, that expression

It was interesting just thinking about it.

Even Liu Wenwen chimed in, kicking a man when he was down. She sneered, “Wanwan, you have such good taste in picking a boyfriend. That coal mine owner must be rich. I finally understand how you obtained your quasi-frontline status.”

Vivian’s eyes were full of disdain as she listened. This group of small characters who were bound to lose was actually in the mood to engage in an internal war?

This quality was ridiculously low!