Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 909

Chapter 909 Lin Wanwans A Lunatic

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Vivian walked over gleefully and reached out for the gift box in Lin Wanwans hands.

"Ms. Lin, I really want to see what kind of clothes your boyfriend sent over. Would it match his identity and have the smell of a coal mine?"

Lin Wanwan avoided her action. "Dont be anxious. You will be able to see it later."

Vivian continued to act strange. "Youre not thinking of wearing that tacky costume up on stage, right? If you want to throw your own face, Ill fulfill your wishes. See you on the runway."

The manager, who had been neglected for a long time, coughed. "Hurry up and get ready. The shows about to begin."

The dressing room was left with only the five of them.

Liu Wenwen: "Lin Wanwan, no wonder you didnt want to disclose your boyfriends identity. So it turned out that this was a beauty-and-the-beast combination!"

Chu Miao said, "No wonder my father always says that female celebrities in the entertainment circle are capable of doing anything in order to climb up the ranks. Its really so scary. The image of a flower-like female celebrity being pressed down by a contractor full of soil fertilizer has appeared in my mind. Sigh. I suddenly feel so nauseated."

Lin Wanwan listened to the sarcasm quietly and even asked with a smile, "Have you said enough?"

Liu Wenwen rolled her eyes. She was about to continue with her sarcasm when she saw Lin Wanwan stand up.

The next second, a shadow flashed past her.

Before Liu Wenwen could realize what had happened, a slender arm had appeared around her neck.

"Listen carefully. This show has already been split into two groups. If you want to engage in an internal war, sure! Before doing that, though, you better keep the door shut. As long as theres a foreigner present, even if its a show of pretense, you better pretend that we are united as one!"

The suffocating feeling from her neck made Liu Wenwen fearful.

"Under understood"

Lin Wanwan swept her gaze over the two of them. "What about the two of you? Do you understand?"

Her cold gaze was surrounded by a bloody atmosphere.

Chu Miao and Gao Siyun couldnt resist her sharp demeanor and subconsciously nodded.

"Thats good."

Lin Wanwan retracted her hands. She immediately recovered her usual harmless look.

"If you want to bring me down, do it after the big show. For now, lets bring them down!"

Liu Wenwen touched her neck with a lingering look on her face. She looked at Lin Wanwan like she was looking at a demon.

This woman was a lunatic!

Next, the room became subtly quiet.

As they had wasted too much time previously, Lin Wanwan hadnt finished putting on her makeup when the friendly match started. The manager could only bring the other four to the waiting area first.

The first pair to have a showdown was Lian Qi and the model, Mengmeng.

Mengmeng wasnt a hired model for "Angel City," but she was a little famous. After her performance, she got a huge round of applause.

Lian Qi came prepared as well. With her appearance and her popularity as a famous actress, she didnt lose to the former in any way.

There were four judges.

Tang Chen didnt raise any sign to show who he supported.

Robert Marcon was the founder of an international brand in a certain country. He was also the chief designer of a luxury brand and was known as the Caesar Emperor in the fashion industry.

He didnt raise any sign as well.

One of the last two judges was Peter, a fashion consultant and the director of "Angel City." The other was Zeng Yi, a general manager of a local media company. He was dubbed by the most influential magazine in country M to be the most outstanding character to have led the fashion world in Xia country.

They both voted for their own countryman.

The first round was a tie.

The next pair to have a showdown was Liu Wenwen and the hired model, Emma.