Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 91

Chapter 91 It's Impossible That Lin Wanwan's A Fool

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“No matter how you have bullied me, I never retaliated before. Even if I had accidentally broken a plate, and you almost whipped me to death, I never complained to Father. Have I not tolerated enough? Tell me, what have I done wrong to you?!”

Her voice was trembling strongly. Everyone felt the urge to cry when they heard her, and it was as if the vivid scenes were right in front of them.

Tao Xinyue knew that it was over for her. As she was in despair, she shouted resentfully, “It is a mistake for you to live! Lin Wanwan, you are not my birth daughter. Who are you to live under my name? You are as slutty as that mother of yours. It’s a pity that the high fever back then didn’t kill you. You’re indeed a disaster!”

Lin Wanwan pretended to be aggrieved and let out, “So it was really you who injected drugs into me? You want me to lose my chance at stardom and return to the Lin family for you to continue abusing me?”


Tao Xinyue stood, her face full of hatred!

“You little slut, you’re really lucky. I injected you with such a strong drug but you actually survived!”

Finally, the truth was out.

“Ha.” Lin Wanwan gave a bitter laugh. “I don’t know what to say to you. Goodbye. No, let’s not meet again. That way, I won’t be hurt anymore.”

After saying so, she turned around and left slowly, with a heavy back.

No one stopped her. Everyone looked at her with empathy, compassion, and apologies.

It was only after Lin Wanwan disappeared that Tao Xinyue started to feel the gazes from all sides and started to panic.

She tried to escape, but she was surrounded by an angry crowd.

“I have seen so many hypocritical stepmothers before, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a heartless one! Mrs. Lin, have you lost your conscience to a dog?”

“Lin Wanwan was only a child then. How can you do such a vicious thing to such an innocent child? You even injected drugs into her and tried to ruin her life. You vicious woman, you should be hacked to death!”

“Now you even dare to reverse the facts and use us as tools, and use the pressure of public opinion to force Lin Wanwan out of the entertainment circle. You damned thing!”

Tao Xinyue was drowning in the hateful sentences. She panicked and wanted to hide, but there was nowhere she could do so.

In the chaos, someone pushed her to the ground and she suffered a few kicks on her body.

She screamed for mercy loudly, but everyone ignored her. In the end, the police at the scene had to stop this commotion.

“Mrs. Lin, all your actions have already been constituted as a criminal offense. Please leave with us!”

“No, let go of me!”

Tao Xinyue tried to struggle, but her wrists were handcuffed tightly.

“Bring her away!”

Tao Xinyue was dragged to the police car. She turned her head in a flurry and saw Lin Wanwan next to a tree not too far away.

Her lips curved and her beautiful face was cold.

What goes around comes around!

Suddenly, Tao Xinyue seemed to have understood something. She recalled the few times she had suffered under her hands previously and her body shivered suddenly!

She was pretending the whole time. The more people felt bad for her, the more hatred people felt towards herself and the more she would end up in a miserable state!

It was impossible that Lin Wanwan was a fool!

She pretended to be a fool and lied to her. She made her think that she could be easily dealt with, and when she let her guard down, she ended up in such a state today!

“Lin Wanwan”

Tao Xinyue clenched her teeth in hatred and wanted to uncover Lin Wanwan’s true self. However, the police did not give her any chance to do so. Once the door closed, the car sped off.