Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 910

Chapter 910 Im Sure That Youve Already Won

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Although Liu Wenwen debuted as a model, the years of acting and the overpowering opponent led to an inevitable defeat.

The third round and the fourth passed

Liu Wenwen had done it before, so it wasnt an ugly defeat.

However, Gao Siyun and Chu Miao were far from having their aura felt. Chu Miao even came close to falling on stage, drawing laughter from the crowd.

Without a doubt, the two lost to their counterparts.

Peter glanced at Zeng Yis chagrined expression and burst into laughter.

"Mr. Zeng, dont feel ashamed. This is just a friendly competition, and everyone is a winner. Also, these actresses have no experience in walking the show. How could they compare to our trained models? It would only be strange if they won."

Those were Zeng Yis lines, but now that Peter had said it, it felt more suffocating.

Tang Chen, who had yet to raise his vote, joined the conversation.

"Theres still a final match."

With a blast of music came Vivian.


Her appearance drew reactions from many.

She was in a set of dark laced lingerie, and diamonds were attached to the edges. Under the flashy lighting, the chromatic reflection featured her haughty expression.

Be it her exposed figure or the awe-inspiring aura, she was at the top of her league.

Click click click

Clap clap clap

The shuttle and applause didnt stop for a long time, stating their approval of Vivians performance.

Peter turned to Zeng Yi again. "Mr. Zeng, it seems like this match has already ended."

Zeng Yi was heated but he couldnt refute it.

Lin Wanwan was an actress whos never been trained in this field. There was no way she could match Vivian.

Tang Chen finally straightened his languid body, and a hint of excitement flashed in his face.

Just then, he heard from Robert, who was murmuring to himself in French, "How disappointing. Guess the top model here is nothing more than this. Its a waste coming here."

With his standing, even the Paris Show had a hard time inviting him. It had been a long time since hed spotted a model with desirable potential, which was the reason he came here.

Vivian watched from the backstage after finishing her walk.

"Congratulations, Vivian. You were the brightest start of the night."

"Im sure that youve already won!"

"Anyone with a decent face can be an actress, but being a model requires more than that. Trying to compete against us is nothing more than asking for embarrassment. Vivian, you did great!"

As she heard Emma and the others flattery, Vivians arrogance grew.

She glanced at Liu Wenwen and the other actresses and voiced unctuously, "Its bad enough losing to us, lets not upset them anymore. After all, they are not good at this."

The one she wanted to upset was Lin Wanwan. She was desperate to prove to everyone that Lin Wanwan had no right to be compared to her!


A spotlight was projected onto the end of the runway, and the next second, a graceful figure appeared.

Her long hair was tied up into a balletic curl, leaving strands falling behind her ears. The polished white dress served as a foil for her natural panache, giving her a fairy-like aura.

Her posture was straight, her head was high, and her shoulders were loose and relaxed. Every step she took was perfection.

The crowd held their breath, fearing their inhales would disturb the moment.