Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 911

Chapter 911 Feels Great

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Tang Chens lips curved into a beautiful arc.

Roberts expression was different from before. They now sparked with interest.

When she heard the gasps from the crowd, Vivians arrogant expression froze in place. There was nothing but disbelief in her eyes!

This was impossible!

How could Lin Wanwan, an actress without any modeling experience, perform at such a high level?

Lin Wanwan walked to the front end of the runway.

Suddenly, she raised her arms.

The white dress fell from her body, and a black fishtail skirt revealed itself. Her wavy hair loosened up and scattered around her shoulder.

A pair of miniature wings sprang open, with colored gems decorating the accessory.

Such a sharp contrast drew another round of exclamation from the ground.

In a split moment, the aura had changed.

It was the same person, but she went from a holy fairy to a winged demon. The atmosphere was lit and brought goosebumps upon the audience.

Tang Chens eyes were brighter than ever, and he felt his heart racing.

How could he not fall for Lin Wanwan?

Robert couldnt help but put his hands together. He had finally found his muse.

"This aura is impressive!"

Chu Miao watched with her jaw dropped. "Lin Wanwans white dress was pieced together with moonlight silk. If I remember correctly, it requires detailed artistry using refined silver linings. A meter of it is worth hundreds of thousands!"

Liu Wenwen continued with a trembling voice, "Didnt her boyfriend bring her this? How could a coal miner get his hands on moonlight silk?"

Their discussion was like a tight slap to Vivians face.

Just then, Lin Wanwan had made her way backstage.

She leaned close to Vivians ear and whispered with a devilish voice:

"Its so easy to be a model. All I had to do was stand on the stage. I sure pity those who cant even excel at such an easy job. Whos the loser now?"

"Heh." Her snort made Vivians face go red.

Liu Wenwen and the others finally felt relieved.

Feels great!

Zeng Yi, too, felt accomplished looking at Peter, who was still in shock.

Lin Wanwan did such a fantastic job. If outsiders were to see this, they would think of her as an experienced model.

The applause lasted forever, and the local reporters felt a great sense of pride.

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They were sick of watching the foreigners showing off, and the performance from Lin Wanwan gave everyone present an adrenaline shot!

Vivian clenched her teeth as she listened to the compliments for Lin Wanwan.

The pair made their way to the stage for the voting. Vivian said under her voice, "Dont get all cocky, you never know whos going to win!"

Shed said it in Mandarin.

"Guess you do speak the language." Lin Wanwan looked surprised.

If she werent under the eyes of the crowd, Vivian would have torn her mouth apart.

The host stepped in. "Now, we will have the results from our panel of judges."

Without delay, Tang Chen started it off.

"Im sure everyone knows my relationship with Lin Wanwan. My vote is obvious."

Zeng Yi: "Lin Wanwans performance was extraordinary!"

Peter: "Undoubtedly, Ms. Lin is the winner."

Vivians face sank with every line.