Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 912

Chapter 912 She Had Thrown A Lot Of Face

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In the end, she placed her gaze on Robert like the rest of them.

This fashion emperor had not spoken yet. He was well-known for his fussiness and high aesthetic standards.

He had been famous for so many years, and only a handful of people had received praise from him before. If Vivian could get his vote, it would be a beautiful defeat.

"Youre Lin Wanwan, right?" he asked in sloppy Chinese.

"Yes, Mr. Robert."

"Do you know what I see in you?"

Lin Wanwan shook her head in puzzlement.

Although Robert was over the age of 50, he was still charming. He looked at her with an almost fanatical look.

"I see a halo on your body. Dear Lin, from what I saw, your catwalk is a little amateurish. However, your strong personal qualities and free-spirited aura have charmed me deeply. Youre an angel, and also a demon."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Pooh. Do all French people speak so romantically and exaggeratedly?

After hearing Roberts comments for Lin Wanwan, everyone became excited.

"Lin Wanwan! Lin Wanwan!"

Amidst the wild cheers, Lin Wanwan gave a bow.

"Thank you, everyone."

She understood clearly where she stood. In terms of professionalism, she certainly couldnt compare to Vivian. However, as a famous actress, acting skills and aura were her strengths.

Victory had been decided.

Vivians face was so grim that water was about to drip from it.

She had lost. She never expected that she would lose to an outsider in her own professional field!

Under the hosts signal, the group left the runway.

Robert looked fixedly as Lin Wanwan walked away and felt regretful. He initially wanted to invite Lin Wanwan to be a spokesperson for his brand.

Forget it. It would be the same if he talked to her backstage later on.

However, Robert didnt know that Lin Wanwan was planning to leave immediately after changing her clothes backstage.

Leaving chicly after putting on a show was the height of showmanship.

The atmosphere backstage was a little strange.

Lin Wanwan was surrounded by Chu Miao and the rest. They were extremely harmonious, giving praise and gossiping.

That group of professional models no longer appeared confident and arrogant. They looked defeated and were in low spirits.

Unwilling to accept the outcome, Vivian swept all the things on the dressing table to the ground with her arms.

The news of their defeat would spread to the whole world. This time, she had lost a lot of face.

Lin Wanwan sensed Vivians piercing stare and gave her a smile. "Ms. Vivian, we have a vast amount of land in Xia country and there are many capable people here. You can continue to have a narrow view with your American father."

Chu Miao clasped her hands together and her eyes shone. "How handsome"

Vivians face turned green. She was so angry that she kept trembling. She secretly swore that if she found a chance, she would never let Lin Wanwan off!

Lin Wanwan waved her sleeves and left gracefully.

Half an hour later, the big show finally ended. Robert rushed over to the backstage but found he made a futile trip.

The "Angel City" modeling show caused widespread discussion after it was broadcast on the Internet.

Lin Wanwan once again became the focal point. Under the caption of "hot news," all the comments were praises for her.

"How formidable, my Ball!"

"As a passerby fan, I really want to know how Lin Wanwan did it. She has good acting skills, is awesome at archery, and now she even crushed some supermodels with her catwalk. I want to give her a huge compliment!"

"How much are you giving her? I want to contribute too~"

"Do you know that when I saw those foreign reporters discussing that our Xia country is just so-so, I was so angry I nearly exploded"

"Lin Wanwan could be considered to be achieving glory for the country. Good job! Im turning into a fan!"