Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 913

Chapter 913 Lu Zhanbei Help

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Lin Wanxin browsed through the comments on the Internet, expressionless.

After putting down her iPad, she picked up her mobile and dialed a number.

"Luo Bin, is anything the matter?" Qi Junzes voice was no longer gentle and carried with it a trace of bad temper.

"It has been a long time since three months ago."

"Lu Zhanbeis still alive?"

"Yes, hes well and alive."

Otherwise, Lin Wanwan wouldnt have been in any mood to participate in that model show.

Qi Junze was silent for a while. He guessed, "Perhaps Tang Chen developed a drug to prolong Lu Zhanbeis life. After all, he developed that kind of poison from his laboratory. Although there wasnt an antidote, as long as theres a formula, its not difficult to let Lu Zhanbei live a while longer."


Lin Wanxin couldnt tell if she felt regretful or relieved.

She loved Lu Zhanbei. She loved him so much that she desired to kill him personally!

Qi Junze said, "Lu Zhanbei has never stopped tracking me. If there isnt a need to, dont contact me. Also, if theres a chance, dont let Lu Zhanbei lead a happy life!"

"I understand."

Lin Wanxin hung up the call and rested her hands below her chin. Her quiet eyes revealed the fierce light of a wolfs.

Lin Wanwan, who became the center of all talk, once again disappeared from the public view.

Thus, when Robert specifically went to the production studio to find her, he made another futile trip.

Out of helplessness, Robert could only get his assistant to contact Lin Wanwans manager.

Actually, Lin Wanwan went to receive training from Xing Si.

Once she fell into Xing Sis hands, she immediately changed from a highly-sought-after celebrity to an imageless and unkempt person.

Ten days passed by in a flash.

As Xing Si had increased her training levels difficulty, she led a miserable life. She was so tired that she even threw Lu Zhanbei to the back of her mind.

Global Corporation.

The fifth supervisor who was chased out of the office by Lu Zhanbei dejectedly held Gu Mos hand. His eyes were filled with tears. "Special Assistant Gu, Sir hasnt reconciled with Lin Wanwan yet?"

"Oh I dont think so."

Ms. Lin went for training without alerting anyone this time around. It was no wonder Sir was angry.

"They couldnt have really broken up, right?"

"Who knows?"

At this moment, Feng Xiaowei walked over carrying a stack of documents. Her eyes couldnt hide the joy in them.

Obviously, she had heard the conversation between Gu Mo and the supervisor.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Come in."

Feng Xiaowei walked in and was about to place the documents on the study table when she saw Lu Zhanbeis mobile ring.

The caller ID displayed Lin Wanwan!

Lu Zhanbei calmly pressed the reject button. She called again, he pressed reject again.

The joy in Feng Xiaoweis eyes became more obvious. She carefully observed Lu Zhanbeis expression and realized he was more cold and distant than usual.

"CEO Lu"

Buzz, buzz, buzz. Lu Zhanbei was notified of a short message.

Before Feng Xiaowei could see it, he quickly picked up his mobile and clicked the message open.

"Lu Zhanbei, help!"

Lu Zhanbeis face changed slightly. He didnt look at Feng Xiaowei and left immediately.

Feng Xiaoweis eyes became fierce. She subconsciously tightened her hold of the documents in her hands.

She had waited for so long. Finally, a day had come where cracks appeared between Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan.

She had to seize the opportunity!

Lu Zhanbei shortened the car ride to fifteen minutes. He was about to enter the porch when he was surprised by the scene before him.


Lin Wanwan looked like she wanted to escape upstairs. However, Tianba used its front paws to hug her leg. She swayed forward.

"Tianba! You are a husky who has conquered the Antarctic continent, not a Teddy bear!"