Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 914

Chapter 914 Thats Lin Wanwans Boyfriend

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Lu Zhanbei gave a tsk. "What a good show of acting as if both of you will never see each other again."

Hearing his voice, Lin Wanwan turned her face to ask for help.

"Come and save me. This dogs horny!

Lu Zhanbei walked over leisurely. He wanted to ignore them initially but, upon seeing Tianbas increasingly wretched behavior, he couldnt help but hold its ears. He ignored its pitiful screams.

"You even dare to molest my woman. Do you want me to loosen your skin?"

Lin Wanwan suggested, "Why dont we find some female dogs for him to breed with?"

"You havent kicked off the addiction to being a matchmaker?" Lu Zhanbei expressed disdain.

"Im worried that if we dont find a wife for it soon, it will ruin our family."


"Ok. You go and find one, then."

"Why should it be me? You and Tianba are both males. You will definitely know its preferences better than me."

Lu Zhanbeis handsome face darkened. He tugged at the leash. "I can go as well, as long as youre willing to accept a eunuch son."

"" How ruthless!

Lin Wanwan glared at him, then squatted down to touch Tianbas head. "Ill hold a grand ceremony for you. You can have as many wives as you want. Look how gentle Mother is. Unlike your father, whos heartless!"

Tianba seemed to have understood her words and used its tongue to lick her hand.

"Wait for me. Ill be right back." Lin Wanwan walked away angrily.

Tianba looked at Lu Zhanbei. Why did that slightly human-like dog face look so satisfied?

Lu Zhanbei said, "Are you boasting that youre finally going to lose your virginity?"


"Are you despising me for being a 27-year-old virgin?"


Lu Zhanbeis face revealed a sinister look. He tugged at his leash and headed outside. "Ill let you be a single dog for life."

"Woof, woof, woof!"

Two hours later, Lin Wanwan returned.

She had gone to a pet shop opened by a high school classmate and brought back two pure-bred huskies that could definitely be called dog-beauties with their smooth furs.

"Tianba, your wives are here. Come and receive them!"

The husky who had managed to keep its succession tool safe from Lu Zhanbei ran out quickly. It looked at the dog Lin Wanwan was holding on to with her right hand and shook its head in disdain.

Lin Wanwan appropriately pulled the other husky forward. "Take a look at this one."

The husky looked up and started a wolf-cry. "Boohoo!"

Fine. This was a sign that it was unsatisfied.

Lin Wanwan could only send someone to take the dogs back. She promised Tianba that she would find a more beautiful dog for it tomorrow. Only then did it stop its destructive acts.

Night arrived as scheduled.

Out of habit, Lin Wanwan nestled herself in Lu Zhanbeis arms after showering but was pushed away.

"No hugging."

Lin Wanwan blinked. She lifted her head and kissed his lips.

"No kissing."

Lin Wanwan sat up. "Are you blaming me for neglecting you?"


Lin Wanwan stared at him fixedly. The man had just finished showering. There were some damp strands of hair across his forehead. He looked less elegant but more charming with his messy sense of beauty.

His handsome face, which had been favored by God, and his strong heart were absolutely proportional.

However, Lin Wanwan could feel that he was worrying about personal gains and losses.

"Do you know why Im trying so hard?" Lin Wanwan leaned over and rested her head on his shoulders.

This time around, he didnt push her away.

"Our relationship will be exposed sooner or later. I hope one day, when someone mentions you, he or she would say that thats Lin Wanwans boyfriend, not that Lin Wanwans your girlfriend."