Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 915

Chapter 915 One Suppression Every Night

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"Theres a difference?"

"Of course. I dont want to be the bird under your wings. I want to be your partner who can fight with you side by side. Ill use practical actions to tell everyone that even if Lu Zhanbei is standing high up there, I can climb up step by step with my own efforts to be together with you to appreciate the scenery."

"In my previous life, I fought hard for a better future. However, in this life, my motivation to persevere is you, Lu Zhanbei."

"" He was shocked.

She used to be stingy with affectionate words. However, this time, she displayed her feelings without any reservations.

Lu Zhanbei looked into her crystal-clear eyes and his heart softened.

"I wont wait for you."

This was saying one thing and meaning another.

Lin Wanwan bit his throat and sucked lightly. "Dont worry. Ill try my best to catch up with you."

The warmth in Lu Zhanbeis heart was immediately replaced by another emotion.

"Im starting."

"Starting what?"

Lu Zhanbei flipped over and suppressed her under him. "This is what you owe me. One suppression every night."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

She had just escaped from Xing Sis cruel and inhumane training. Now, she fell into Lu Zhanbeis demonic claws again.

Thankfully, Lu Zhanbei still had a conscience. Considering that she still had work tomorrow, he just embraced her for a while before hugging her to sleep.

The next morning, Lin Wanwan was prepared to hitch a ride from Lu Zhanbei to the production studio when she suddenly heard a bark as she pulled open the car door.

She turned back and saw that Tianba was like an unrestrained horse as it galloped over. It used its front paws to hug her leg.

"Woof!" Its round eyes revealed anxiousness and dissatisfaction.

Lin Wanwans lips twitched. "Dont be anxious. After I get off from work, Ill help you find your wife."

"Boohoo~" Tianba gave a wolf-cry and got into the back seat.

"Lu Zhanbei, what does it mean?"

"It means it wants to select its own wife personally."

Lin Wanwan was put in a difficult spot. "Im not free right now and it cant enter the production studio with me. Im afraid it would destroy it. Why dont you bring it to Global for a day and Ill pick it up after I get off from work?"

Lu Zhanbei smiled coldly. "Youre not afraid that it would destroy Global?"

Lin Wanwan smiled shamelessly. "Its based on the principle that you would be in trouble, not me."

Lu Zhanbei half-laughed and glanced at her. After that, he patted Tianbas head. "Rascal. Indeed, youre still suited to be a eunuch. Thatll put things right once and for all."

Tianba seemed to have understood his words. He immediately ran behind Lin Wanwan to seek cover. Then, he barked at Lu Zhanbei.

"Dont be afraid." Lin Wanwan comforted it as she patted its head. She looked at Lu Zhanbei and smiled sweetly. "If your father dares to take away your succession tool from you, Ill make sure he wont enjoy a certain fun in this lifetime."

This threat would do. Lu Zhanbei decided to admit defeat and start the car. He said plainly, "A human cant be compared to a dog."

Lin Wanwan looked at him with contempt. "Youre actually jealous over a dog."

"Im just jealous of it. Even a dog can casually choose its wife. However, I cant."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

On the way, the two of them bickered out of habit.

Under the tree-lined road that was still a distance away from the production studio, Lin Wanwan got off the car.

"Tianba, follow Father today. Ill pick you up in the evening."


Lin Wanwan entered. As soon as she appeared at the gate, a huge group of people surrounded her and asked her questions about the model show.

It had already been ten days. The online heat had not subsided yet?

Lin Wanwan casually said a few sentences and hurried to the makeup room.

As she casually chatted with the makeup artist, she clicked open Weibo.

Damn. In just ten days, she had gained more than two million fans!