Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 916

Chapter 916 A Patient With Advanced Hand Cancer

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The makeup artist was a Ball fan. She touched Lin Wanwans face with joy. As she secretly sighed at the goddesss delicate skin, she laughed and said, "Ball, you have a lot of overseas fans now. Its a pity you dont have an overseas social media account and they cant follow you."

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders. Her current focus was on the domestic market. However, if there was an opportunity to explore overseas markets in the future, she wouldnt miss it.

"Ball, youre really not considering switching professions and becoming a model? I think you can be number one in the modeling world." The girls eyes burned brightly.

"No, I participated in that purely for fun." And to hit a bitch.

"Those professional models would cry." She could obtain such outstanding achievements by just casually doing a catwalk. "Oh right, Ball, the male lead in our movie is finally appearing."

"Shi Chen?" Lin Wanwan felt that this name was a little familiar.

"Yes, hes the same as Fu Ya. Both of them were forced into it. He is also one of the investors in this movie and seems to have a bit of a background."

There werent a lot of parts to film for this male lead in the movie. He was a senior during the female leads university days. Both of them got into a pure and simple relationship. They broke up amicably after a misunderstanding that happened later. After the female lead passed away, he told the second female lead the truth.

Filming officially started.

Bai Jiu and Zheng Linger strolled on the cobblestone path of the campus. They talked and laughed, and the pureness and vitality of young girls could be detected on their faces.

Bai Jiu felt a slightly complicated feeling in her heart.

That nightmare had not happened yet. Zheng Linger was still simple and innocent.

"Xiao Jiu, dont move."

Zheng Linger stood on her toes and carefully removed the caterpillar from her head. She quickly threw it away and patted her chest with a lingering look. "How scary."

Bai Jius eyes showed complex emotions. Zheng Linger was most afraid of soft and long-haired creatures.

The director behind the camera nodded with satisfaction.

Not too far away, under the camphor tree, the young man who witnessed this scene similarly raised his eyebrows slightly.

He had a face that was well-liked by women, along with a quiet and distant temperament. Even his slightly curved lips seemed inhumane.

His indifferent gaze fell on a pair of slender hands. "Her hands are not bad."

The special assistant standing behind him held his forehead, his head aching. "Young master, please restrain yourself a little."

He must not let outsiders realize that his young master was a patient with advanced hand cancer!

"Also, Lin Wanwan is Mr. Lus girlfriend."

The young man followed those hands and saw the straight calves under the school uniform skirt. His eyes darkened and his cold expression didnt change at all.

Oh, her legs were not bad either.

At this time, in Global Corporation, the sight of Lu Zhanbei appearing in the company with a husky attracted a lot of peoples attention.

Oh God!

Their wise CEO was actually raising a dog. It was even an elite dog, a husky!

Some people couldnt hold back the curiosity in their hearts and asked, "CEO, is this your dog?"


Everyone looked at one another.

After a while, someone tried to please him and said, "If its not convenient for the CEO, I can help to take care of it."

Lu Zhanbei and Tianba were sick of seeing each other. He was about to get rid of it when Tianba broke free from his control while he wasnt looking. It ran forward with its four paws and went straight for the CEOs office.

Lu Zhanbei could only follow up.

Based on Lu Zhanbeis smell, Tianba found the office he often stayed in. It jumped onto the real leather sofa and lay on its back. Both its front paws were stacked on top of each other. Coupled with the honey-like smile on its face, this made it look extremely comical.