Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 917

Chapter 917 Attack Of The Special Assistant

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"Tianba, stay here quietly. Dont move around."


Satisfied, Lu Zhanbei started to work.

Not too long later, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Feng Xiaowei pushed open the door and entered. She wasnt in professional attire today. She wore a light purple knee-length dress that boasted her graceful figure. When she walked, she brought about a hint of fragrance.

She carried dog biscuits whose wrapper was printed with French words. "CEO Lu, Im here to give your dog something to eat."

Lu Zhanbei responded and didnt look up.

Feng Xiaowei opened the packet and threw a few biscuits on the floor.

"Dog, eat something."

"" Tianba turned its face away arrogantly.

Feng Xiaoweis expressions stiffened. "CEO Lu, you were raising a dog?"

"Lin Wanwans dog."

When she heard this name, the coldness in Feng Xiaoweis eyes flashed past. She walked to the office table and asked, "CEO Lu, may I be bold and ask you a question?"

"Ask ahead."

"Have you been in a conflict with Ms. Lin recently?"

Lu Zhanbei stopped in his action of signing, leaving a small black dot on the paper. "Thats none of your business."

His calmer-than-usual tone made Feng Xiaowei feel happy. She tried her best to calm down and said, "You should now realize that you and Ms. Lin arent that compatible. Theres a huge difference between your living environments. Once the initial passion fades, contradictions will naturally appear."

"Feng Xiaowei, you have interfered too much."

"CEO Lu"

Feng Xiaowei stepped forward and Tianba suddenly jumped down from the sofa. It became guarded and blocked her way, letting out fierce warnings.

"Woof, woof, woof!"Stay away from my owners man!

After finding out that Tianba was Lin Wanwans pet, Feng Xiaowei, who hated low-level animals to begin with, developed hatred and disgust for it. She walked around it.

She took a deep breath. "CEO Lu, actually, I like"

Without waiting for her to confess, Tianba bit her dress and dragged her backward.

"Let go!"

Being treated like this by a dog, even the calm Feng Xiaoweis face turned pale.

She tried hard to pull out her dress, but Tianba refused to let go. It kept staring at Lu Zhanbei, as if waiting for an order.

Lu Zhanbei gave a hand signal for it to continue.

Tianba shook the fur on its body mightily and bit her dress even tighter.

Seeing that her dress was about to rip, Feng Xiaowei could not tolerate it any longer. She lifted her leg and kicked Tianba.

Lu Zhanbeis face turned cold. His dog shouldnt be bullied by anyone!

"Tianba, attack."

Tianba avoided Feng Xiaoweis kick. It opened its big mouth full of teeth and bit on the other partys ankle.

"Ah" Pitiful screams resounded through the office.

Feng Xiaowei fell to the ground in a sorry state. From the canine teeth print on her ankle, there seeped out fresh blood. Tianba used its front paws to support itself and leaped forward.

"Little beast, get lost quickly!"

Under Tianbas fierce attack, Feng Xiaowei started to wave her hands around wildly.

As a decent girl from a respectable family, Feng Xiaowei had learned a little self-defense before, However, she couldnt fight against the trained big dog.

She finally managed to push the big dog off of her body. She climbed up and immediately ran away. She didnt even want to pick up the high heel that had fallen to the ground.

Tianba, whod tasted the thrill of crushing an enemy, immediately followed up.

"Ah! Go away!"

"Woof, woof, woof!"

The sounds of a womans pitiful screams mixed with the excited barks of a dog resounded in the corridor. Even the employees downstairs heard the commotion.

A few minutes later, the crowd who gathered were stunned to see Feng Xiaowei being chased by a dog.