Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 918

Chapter 918 Well Done

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Tianba was extremely fast. Its movements were agile as well. It seemed to be playing a cat-and-mouse game with Feng Xiaowei as it forced her into a corner and then ripped off her dress.

Red lace could be seen visibly. It was unexpected that the noble and elegant secretary Feng would actually wear such slutty lingerie

Feng Xiaowei let out a scream. Her contorted expressions faintly showed traces of her breaking down.

Lu Zhanbei, who had been watching this scene coldly as a bystander, finally gave his orders. "Tianba, stop."

The husky ran over without any hesitation. It squatted next to Lu Zhanbei and stuck out its tongue to pant.

Feng Xiaowei stumbled and ran away

Everyone glanced at Tianba in dread. What a ferocious dog!

As the daughter of a count and an internationally renowned daughter from a prestigious family, Feng Xiaowei had an image wherein shes being surrounded by all kinds of beautiful words. Some management executives in Global Corporation even regarded her as a goddess.

However, a dog had caused this goddess to fall off the altar. It could be said that she had lost all face.

At the very least, Feng Xiaowei could no longer be almighty in Global.

"CEO, what is going on?"

The female director from the public relations department stepped closer to Lu Zhanbei. She saw the fierce Tianba opening its mouth and staring at her fixedly, with a stance of "if you dare to come closer, Ill bite you."

The female director turned pale from fear and immediately retreated.

Feng Xiaoweis ending was still vivid in everyones mind. Nobody dared to challenge the huskys authority.

When todays acting scenes had been completed, it was already close to evening. Lin Wanwan didnt drive and left by taxi.

Along the way, she kept thinking about that Shi Chen. The more she found his name familiar, the more she couldnt recall anything.

"Miss, we are here."

Lin Wanwan pulled up her mask and paid the taxi fare.

When she entered the lift, she was stopped by a few security guards.

Lin Wanwan pulled down her mask. "Dont recognize me anymore?"

Globals security guards still remembered this face clearly. There were even rumors in the company that this Lin Wanwan was the CEOs girlfriend.

"Ms. Lin, please enter. CEO Lu is having a meeting on the 12th floor!"

"Thank you."

Lin Wanwan reached the 12th floor. Through the transparent glass, she saw Lu Zhanbei on the leaders seat.

A female executive stood up and walked toward Lu Zhanbei. "CEO, this is Globals financial report this month"


Tianba, who was squatting next to Lu Zhanbei, stood up. It barked at the female executive loudly. She was so frightened that she slammed into the table, causing the glass of water on top to fall, spilling its content everywhere.

"Oh, my clothes are damp!"

"My documents!"

At that moment, it was chaotic.

The culprit let out a wolf-cry happily.

Lin Wanwans lips twitched. She hurriedly pushed open the door and entered. With everyone looking at her strangely, she pulled the leash on Tianbas neck and knocked its head!

"You culprit. Ive decided to let you be a single dog forever."

Lu Zhanbei disagreed. "It performed well today and even made great achievements."

"I dont believe it."

Lu Zhanbei swept his gaze over everyone. "You can ask them."

Lin Wanwan looked over.

"So it turned out that Ms. Lin is raising this dog. The CEOs right. This dog is very obedient. It was just an accident just now!" The frightened female executive forced out a smile.

"This dogs lively and vigorous. Its agile too. It has the traits to be the king of dogs" a certain manager, whod had his finger bitten as he wanted to just touch Tianba, said with an amazed look.

"" Lin Wanwan couldnt bear to look at them. Hearing these words alone, she felt guilty.